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Marriott International Hotel Improves Safety with Madico® Clear 8 Mil Window Film

Marriott Hotel in Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria


Marriott International Hotel Safety Improvements


Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria


Clear 8 Mil Safety & Security Film

The Challenge

Marriott International Hotel in Ikeja, Nigeria is committed to exceptional hospitality for its patrons and guests. As part of that commitment, the international chain embarked on a comprehensive project to increase the safety and security of the building. Securing the building’s vast amount of glass windows and doors became a top priority. Management needed to find a way to offer its guest and visitors protection from flying glass in the case of a natural or man-made disaster as well as protect its millions of dollars’ worth of state-of-the art décor and equipment from damage.

The hotel management began searching for a professional window film installation company to evaluate the building’s unique needs and offer a solution. Marriott Hotel Ikeja is a six-floor building with basement Level 1, basement Level 2, upper ground level and lower ground level.

The Solution

Building management selected Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd to secure all of the windows and doors in the facility. After an in-depth evaluation, it was determined that Madico’s 8 Mil Clear safety film along with Wet Glaze attachment system would best meet the hotel’s varying requirements.

Madico’s 8 Mil Clear film is designed to hold broken shards of glass together and along with an attachment system, provide 24-hour protection against vandalism, severe weather, acts of terrorism and industrial accidents.

The installation began in October 2020 and was set up while the building was still in the finishing stages. There were some challenges since not every window frame was the same. The skilled installers were able to customize solutions to fit each different section of panes. Solar Scape Nigeria had to carefully coordinate the film installs in each location of the building, working closely with the management staff on the site. By breaking the installation down into phases, the installation was completed with minimal interruption.

The Results

The hotel owners and management were pleased with the added layer of safety at the hotel; they no longer need to worry about safety situations arising due to possible security threats in the country and can serve their customers with assured peace of mind when a threat is near. This is especially important when high-profile dignitaries and VIP guests are in the hotel and it becomes critical to provide a safe and sound environment.

In the event that a natural or man-made disaster does occur, debris entry into the building through glass doors and windows will be thwarted, and the hotel staff will be able to continue their work, free from the hazard of broken glass.

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