SafetyShield Film Protects Retail Storefront Glass


Cellular Phone Retailer


Houston, Texas


SafetyShield 1500

The Challenge

A cellular phone store in Houston, Texas needed protection against the frequent smash and grab theft occurring in the area. The retailer originally had burglar bars covering the storefront windows but had removed them to make the storefront more attractive and appealing to customers.

The Solution

Local film installation company, Sunset Glass Tinting, recommended the application of SafetyShield® 1500 by Madico® to secure the 1,000 sq. ft. of storefront glass. SafetyShield 1500 is a 15mil thick safety and security film that provides 24-hour, passive protection against burglaries and vandalism with a clear appearance. The safety window film holds shattered glass in place, delaying would be intruders from entry and keeping merchandise and employees safe.

The Results

The retailer was pleased with Sunset Glass Tinting’s installation and the invisible protection offered by the SafetyShield 1500 anti-intrusion window film. The product was quickly put to the test when a vandal attempted to break in through the store windows only two months after the safety and security film was applied. The vandal threw a large rock at the glass door and kicked the glass repeatedly for more than 8 minutes before eventually giving up and walking away empty handed.

The store’s owner was elated that the anti theft window film was able to stop the would be intruder and protect their expensive merchandise. Only a portion of the glass storefront needed to be replaced along with a section of the SafetyShield 1500 film. If the storefront had not been protected with commercial security window film, the retailer would have been faced with a much more costly and time-consuming situation to remedy.

Watch SafetyShield 1500 safety and security film in action!

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