Aeromark II

Aeromark<sup>™</sup> II

Product Details

Aeromark II is designed for applications that require flame protection. The components of this construction are highly effective, non-halogenated, with no antimony/heavy metals, flame retardant materials.

The film is intended for internal insulation structures and decorative laminates.

Common Applications Include:

  • Aircraft interiors
    • Lavatories
    • Galleys
    • Bulkhead partitions
    • Surfaces requiring insulations and moisture barriers

The product is conformable, can be printed on and is emboss-able. It is also lightweight, easy to clean, and is flame, chemical, moisture and scuff resistant.

Aeromark II meets and exceeds FAA and EASA standards.


Low Moisture Vapor Transmission
Keeps moisture out and is corrosion resistant, flame resistant, and self-cleaning.
Flame Retardant & UV Stable
Made of flame retardant, UV stable materials that will not degrade from UV radiation and sunlight.
Durable & Scuff Resistant
Durable film that is also resistant to damage from chemicals, cleaners, and solvents.

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