Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Product Details

Madico Fire Safety glass was designed for use in fire-rated, ceramic, and wire glass applications where safety glazing is required.

CL 800 PS SR is a 2-ply lamination of optically clear polyester film and a proprietary adhesive system. The film is scratch resistant with an acrylic pressure-sensitive coating and release liner.

CL 800 PS SR is applied to glass utilizing a clean-room laminating process or can be applied in retrofit applications to existing glass to upgrade the level of protection.

Common Applications Include:

  • Commercial and government buildings
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Any location requiring fire rated safety glazing


Retains Broken Glass
Reduces the hazard of broken glass shards by keeping shattered glass together.
Durable & Scratch Resistant
Scratch-resistant film that is also resistant to damage from chemicals, cleaners, and solvents.
Fire Safety
Meets safety glazing requirements for fire-rated, ceramic, and wire glass applications.

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