VueTek® AR 11

VueTek<sup>®</sup> AR 11

Product Details

Madico’s VueTek AR 11 film is designed to lower the reflectivity of glass and can be used for various applications. The film is highly effective at protecting users from distracting reflections on both surfaces of glass.

VueTek AR 11 provides 99% ultraviolet protection, 2% visible light reflection and 97% visible light transmission. The materials used in the construction are environmentally friendly and compliant to EU RoHS and REACH regulations.

Common applications include:

  • Retail displays and shop windows
  • Museums
  • Medical devices
  • Touch screens & electronic displays


Minimizes Reflectivity
Anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating provides optimal views.
Increases safety by offering protection from broken glass shards.
Fade Reduction
The film reduces fading and discoloration of goods.

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