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Madico’s Neutralux is a 4 mil film combined with a silver-based top coat and hard coat that makes it microbial and scratch resistant.

The film can be applied to surfaces in order to inhibit growth of microbes, which can cause odors and stains. Madico’s top coat continuously kills microbial contaminants and resists microbe growth on the surface of the film providing the film with built-in protection without releasing toxic substances into the environment.

The active ingredient in the top coat is EPA-registered and FDA listed. Neutralux can be replaced as needed based on the degree of wear and traffic.

Common Applications:

Madico’s Neutralux can be applied to surfaces such as glass, wood, stainless steel or aluminum. Neutralux inhibits microbe and bacterial growth on the product’s surface. The film can be used in public places including medical facilities, banks, public transportation systems, libraries, grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, salons, fitness clubs and similar.

– Touch screens– Medical equipment– Counter tops– Arm rests
– Tables– Food trays– Handles & hand rails– Restroom stalls
– Door push/pull plates– Display counters– Toilet seats– Elevators
– Face shields– Walls & partitions– Baby changing stations– Hotel TV remotes
– Grocery cart handles– Display screens– Key pads


Surface Protection
Strong antimicrobial properties, effective against a broad range of microorganisms.
Stain Resistant
Prevents staining from mold, algae, and chemicals.
Durable Top Coat
Scratch and abrasion-resistant top coating.

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