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A growing number of sports venues, airports and cultural facilities are choosing conventional ETFE materials for their roofs and facades to create an open, outdoor atmosphere in a controlled, conditioned environment. ETFE’s minimal mechanical strength and thermal performance has often led to multiple layers of material with extensive fritting and close-spaced structural elements and cable reinforcing, which obstruct the transparency envisioned by designers and owners of their facilities.

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viewscape by madico

A better option is now available for transparent enclosure systems. Introducing ViewScape™ by Madico.

  • Perfect for stadiums, airports, concert venues or cultural facilities.
  • ViewScape is the ideal choice for long-span, transparent roof structures, offering exceptional clarity with essential strength and solar performance advantages.
  • ViewScape is four times stronger than traditional ETFE, substantially increasing spans and reducing secondary structural costs.
  • ViewScape is customizable to meet project-specific thermal performance requirements.

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strength of viewscape stadium window film

The vastly superior strength of ViewScape allows for longer spans with fewer secondary support elements and no reinforcing cables, reducing both visual clutter and installation time and costs for the roof system. Designers can also opt for a single layer of ViewScape where an inflated, multi-layer cushion system would be required with conventional ETFE.

thermal control of viewscape stadium window film

ViewScape is the first transparent film that far out-performs traditional ETFE in both strength and solar control. With ViewScape, a composite roofing system with built-in solar control, designer can get the best of both worlds: the clarity of ETFE with the strength and solar properties of conventional translucent building materials.

clarity of viewscape stadium window film

The greatly improved solar performance of ViewScape allows a transparent roof to provide needed thermal protection without multiple cushion layers and no fritting. The material can be seen through making it more aesthetically pleasing than any ETFE.

Even the Sky’s Not the Limit

Madico Stadium Film Viewscape

Mechanical Properties
Thickness 380±25 µm Internal test method
Color Clear, Grey, Custom
Tensile strength at break 118±5 MPa ASTM D882 – 10
Elongation at break 40±10% ASTM D882 – 10
Young’s Modulus 2000±185 MPa ASTM E111 – 17
Solar Optical Properties
Visible Light Transmission 25% ASTM E903 − 12
Haze  < 15% ASTM D 1003 – 97
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.39 ASTM E903 − 12
Infrared Reflectance > 40% ASTM E903 − 12
Flame Resistance
Vertical Burning VTM-0 UL 94

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