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What is Ceramic and Nano-Ceramic Window Film

What is Ceramic Window Film?

Ceramic window films are a popular choice among home and vehicle owners. Ceramic automotive tint such as Madico’s Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic and Wincos® automotive films reject a high percentage of infrared rays, keeping you cool with a ceramic, metal-free construction. The films’ IR and UV blocking properties help reduce fading of interiors, cut glare, and protect your skin.

Madico’s Sunscape® Advanced Ceramic architectural film is a premium, ceramic film that offers a unique non-window film look. The film slightly darkens your windows, reducing heat and glare without having any kind of reflective appearance. Find a nearby ceramic film installer to receive a quote.

Which window film should you choose for your home or office

About Home Window Film

Window film for your home is a smart choice. Protect your loved ones with solar control films that block UV rays, reduce energy bills, control glare, help prevent fading and accent the look of windows. Safety and security options are also available to deter would be burglars and offer protection from storms and accidents.

Madico films are high quality products that will last for as long as you own your home. Your window tinter has been trained to install Madico’s professional grade films and provide exceptional customer service. Enjoy a cooler, more comfortable, and safer home today with window tint! Locate a Madico window film installer near you to receive a cost estimate.

5 Questions to Ask Before Tinting Your Car Windows-Madico

5 Questions to Ask Before Tinting Your Car Windows-Madico

Tinting your car’s windows will offer countless benefits including protecting skin by blocking UV rays, keeping your vehicle’s interior cool, and reducing glare – just to name a few. But, before you make the initial purchase, ask yourself these 5 important questions to ensure you are on the right track.

  1. How long will my car’s tint last?
  2. How long will it take to tint my vehicle’s windows?
  3. I my car’s window film covered by a warranty?
  4. Which automotive tint is right for me?
  5. Which window film installer is right for me?
5 Questions to Ask Before Tinting Your Car Windows-Madico

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Visit the Madico blog to learn about automotive and architectural window film, safety & security film, and energy saving tips.

What is Ceramic and Nano-Ceramic Window Film

What is the darkest legal tint in Florida?

Knowing and understanding your state’s tint laws is important before having film applied to your vehicle. There is no federal standard for window tint so each state has its own unique laws, making it a bit tricky to navigate!

While state laws do vary, there are some general guidelines that you as a consumer can familiarize yourself with to better understand these regulations. Understanding these guidelines will help to ensure that your vehicle’s tint is compliant with the laws in your particular state.

Which window film should you choose for your home or office

Why Madico Window Films?

When you purchase Madico film you can rest assured that you have selected a high quality and extensively tested product.

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, Madico, Inc. manufactures and distributes high performance window films for automotive, architectural, and safety and security applications through nine company owned distribution centers in the United States as well as an extensive international distributor network.

Madico films are installed by highly trained professional dealers who are experts in selecting the best product for each customer’s unique need and application.

the complete guide to window film hero image

The Complete Guide to Window Film

Whether you’re seeking to protect your windows, reduce sunlight, or increase privacy, window films can be a great solution for homes, commercial facilities, automobiles and more.

Here at Madico®, Inc., we pride ourselves on creating high-quality window film for a variety of applications. But just what is window film? Use this guide to learn about the types, applications, and benefits of window film for residential, commercial, and automotive markets.

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