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Since 1903, Madico® Inc. has pioneered products across the globe with an unrivaled commitment to quality. We innovate, manufacture, and distribute a broad range of materials-based solutions that include window films, specialty solutions, and device protection.

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Window Film

Our wide range of automotive and architectural films offers a multitude of benefits including protection from the sun, reduced glare, lower energy costs, improved safety, security, and privacy, and enhanced looks of properties and automobiles.

Specialty Solutions

Madico's specialty capabilities include customized coating and laminating, metalizing, and contract coating. We currently serve industries as diverse as aerospace, healthcare, transportation, information display, and building materials. Bring us your prototype or specialty need, and let's collaborate to make it a reality.

Device Protection

Diversity means more opportunities. ProtectionPro by Madico® on-demand device protection, is a different but exciting addition to our product portfolio. ProtectionPro provides touchscreen and body protection for all devices—from legacy to the newest releases—so every device that walks in the door is a potential customer.

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