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Revised Aug. 26, 2019

The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to provide you, the individual user, with information about Madico, Inc.’s use of internet cookies on its website (the “Website”).

What are Cookies?

An internet cookie is a piece of data that is transmitted from our Website and stored to your computer or mobile device’s internet browser. When you visit our website, your internet browser returns information to us, which allows us to identify you as having previously visited our Website.

What Information does Madico Collect with Internet Cookies?

The information we collect from internet cookies comes from our third party analytics service provider and includes a unique identification number assigned by our analytics service provider, your internet protocol address, internet browser type, type of computing device, country, preferred language, internet provider domain, and your internet browsing history.

How does Madico Use the Information it collects from Internet Cookies?

Internet cookies enables Madico to personalize the content that is displayed to you when you visit the Website, identify content that is most popular to our Website visitors, and it also permits us to gather information about the demographics of our visitors. In addition, we use the information we collect from cookies to detect and troubleshoot problems with our website, to combat fraud and cyber-attacks. Information from cookies is used to facilitate authentication of authorized dealers to the dealer portal.

What options do I have regarding Internet Cookies?

Some of the internet cookies that we utilize are deleted at the end of your browsing session, while other cookies, known as persistent cookies, remain stored on your computer or mobile device’s browser until such time as you choose to delete them. Depending upon your internet browser, there may be settings that you can toggle to delete and reject all cookies. Rejecting cookies will result impact some functions of the Website.