Show Your Prized Possession More Love with ClearPlex®

Protect your classic, luxury, or high-performance vehicle—and its original look and value—with innovative ClearPlex® windshield protection film. Because your vehicle is more than a car, it's your prized possession.

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Offers Faster Run-Offs

Rain and snow runs off easily, resulting in better visibility when using ClearPlex.

Optically Clear

ClearPlex is optically clear like glass and seamlessly integrates with your car’s windshield.

Is Guaranteed

ClearPlex will not bubble, peel, crack, or yellow while under warranty.

Is Scratch Resistant

Our windshield protection film stands up to everyday abrasions, like windshield wipers.

Maintains the Value

ClearPlex windshield protection preserves the original windshield of your luxury or classic car.

Protects Vehicles’ Interiors

Our windshield protection guards passengers against 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Helps Keep Windshields Intact

During an accident, ClearPlex increases protection to you and your passengers.

Absorbs the Impact

ClearPlex significantly reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bulls’ eyes—leaving the glass in pristine condition.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

ClearPlex by Madico is covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty in North America. Ask your dealer for details.

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ClearPlex® by Madico®

Driving on today’s highways can be hazardous—especially to your windshield. From small rocks to road debris, unwanted objects that strike your glass can lead to serious, costly damage and driving distractions. Safeguard your vehicle with ClearPlex by Madico, the world’s first and best-performing windshield protection film.

  • Optically clear
  • Absorbs impact of standard road hazards
  • Reduces occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s eyes
  • Ideal for maintaining luxury cars and fleet vehicles
  • Significantly less expensive than replacing a windshield, especially those with ADAS (Crash Avoidance Systems) technology
  • Keeps windshield intact during an accident
  • Protects against 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Faster run-off of rain and snow

ClearPlex is the original protection film for cars and the only auto windshield protection film of its kind that has been awarded 3 U.S. patents.

Manufactured by Madico

When you purchase Madico car glass film you can rest assured that you have selected a high quality and extensively tested product.


Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, Madico, Inc. manufactures and distributes high-performance protective window films for automotive, architectural, and safety and security applications through seven company-owned distribution centers in the United States as well as an extensive international distributor network.


Madico car window films are installed by highly trained professional dealers who are experts in selecting the best product for each customer’s unique need and application.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “Two questions I had before getting it, dealt with the HUD (Head Up Display) and the PDR (Performance Data Recorder). I can happily tell you that they both are unaffected by ClearPlex. You guys have a wonderful product. Thank you, ClearPlex!”

    Dan Ryan
    Des Moines, Iowa Corvette owner
  • “Once I was introduced to ClearPlex, I knew that it would be essential that I offer the product . . . I have had a lot of success selling, installing, and promoting ClearPlex, and I will continue doing so.”

    Mariano Gamurot
    Principal, CS Specialties, Northern California
  • “I’d like to thank you on making such a great product… my exotic car customers… love and appreciate the fact that they can keep their factory windshields looking like new on their prized possessions!”

    Ryan Tounsley
    President, Protective Film Solutions, California & Arizona
  • “ClearPlex film performed as advertised . . . our experience with ClearPlex products has been very successful. We encourage anyone who is considering using ClearPlex film to protect your fleet vehicles.”

    Roger Zimmerman
    Hertz Rent-A-Car, Denver International Airport
  • “This product is innovative, easily installed with the right tools and best of all it works . . . this product is a no-brainer for companies dealing in paint protection film installation, windshield replacement, new car dealerships, and fleet companies.”

    Larry Neely
    Operations Manager, PlexGlass Distributing
  • “This film actually is a cure-all, especially for HIGH COST WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENTS and time down . . . I am now very confident in dealing with the reality that ClearPlex works and my ability to put it on 32 vehicles.”

    Mike Roades
    Eco-Tint, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “We estimate that we have saved $620k in windscreen replacement over the past year. This does not include additional labour to remove and replace the windscreen and out of revenue service time.”

    Geoff Bell
    Reliability Officer, Metro Trains Melbourne, Australia
  • “Just wanted to mention that I’ve applied your product to my car’s windshield and am very happy with the results and the protection . . . Thanks for making this process as smooth as possible. Truly a satisfied customer.”

    Self-installer, Mississippi
  • “I am confident that without ClearPlex film, I would have had to replace another windshield. ClearPlex film definitely saved my windshield, and I will continue using the product on my current 2015 Porsche GT-3, as well as my other vehicles.”

    Mark Jones
    Customer and Owner, 2015 Porsche GT-3


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