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There are always windows in a home or business where it is not feasible to install shutters for protection. In cases such as these using a Safety film with attachment has proven successful in such instances. Madico SafetyShield films and anchorage systems have been tested to a recognized insurance standard for retrofit application of films. Shutters, being the first choice, are not always feasible and are only effective if installed. Leaving your windows unprotected is not an option.

  • Protection Against Glass Breakage
  • Enhanced Safety with Anchoring Systems
  • Versatile Attachment Options
  • Compliance with Safety Standards


Frequently Asked Questions

A seismic event occurs when tensions in the bedrock quickly change so that the bed rock breaks. When the shock wave hits the ground it is felt as a vibrations. These vibrations can cause buildings to shake and deform which may result in the windows breaking. Safety films systems have been proven useful in holding on to broken fragments and retaining the glazing in the opening.

During a storm, wind and debris can cause a window to break. Once broken the home or office is open to the elements. Wind and rain can then further damage the home or office. Installing SafetyShield and attachment can hold broken glass within the window frame helping to keep the building envelope sealed from the wind and rain.

National windstorm mitigation standards only address new construction not retrofit applications. This is because there are thousands of different types of windows in existing homes and buildings. It is not possible to perform testing on every type and configuration to ensure they will withstand the testing.

Please note, this product is not approved in the State of Florida for use as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from windborne debris from a hurricane or windstorm.

Madico always recommends the use of an anchoring restraint system for glass to protect against seismic events. There are many anchoring restraint systems available. Mechanical anchoring such as FrameGard®, which holds the film in place through a combination of screws and tape and an aluminum extrusion. This is by far the safest attachment system, tested to hold from 500 to 800 pounds per linear foot of attachment.

Because many frames and building situations do not allow for screws to be used, the Wet Glaze attachment system is the most common attachment method used for these applications. Wet Glaze attachment systems have been thoroughly tested to blast mitigation standards and wind loads. As such, Wet glaze attachment systems are a very practical choice for seismic upgrades. When using the Wet Glaze attachment for a seismic event, a bead size capable of supporting the weight of the entire glazing unit is required.

A third attachment option is called GullWing. Similar to Wet Glaze, GullWing is a flexible PVC and VHB tape system that affixes the filmed glass to the framing members. GullWing is available in three sizes to accommodate the various sized glazing gaskets used in both residential and commercial windows.

Choosing the best system for your glass is based on the weight of the glass and the type of framing system. Contact your Madico sales representative and Madico Technical Services.

Madico® window films are available through our extensive dealer network nationally and internationally. Our films are manufactured at our facility in Tampa Bay, Florida, and distributed through eight service centers across North America. Internationally, Madico has distributors all over the world including in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

To find a window film or window tint dealer near your in North America check our dealer locator here.

To find an international distributor please visit our window film distribution page.

Depending on the number of panes of glass depends on which surfaces of glass

Due to the potential for fallout, Madico does not recommend a simple daylight installation of safety film. Daylight installations is when the film is installed on the visible part of the glass. In this type of installation, once glass breakage occurs, these vibrations may cause the entire sheet of filmed glass to fall from the opening.