Protect Your Vehicle and the People In It with Madico® Window Tint

According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, "Nearly 53% of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left, or drivers' side, of the body." Our automotive window film can help prevent this—by protecting you from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter through the driver's side window.

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UV Protection

Madico window film blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, protecting your skin.

Temperature Control

Stay cooler and improve your driving comfort with our film’s maximum heat rejection.

Reduce Glare

Glare negatively affects driving visibility, Madico window film effectively reduces it.

Fade Protection

Blocking the sun’s UV rays with our window film also helps reduce the fading of your vehicle’s interior.

Privacy & Security

Madico’s wide range of shades offers privacy for you and your passengers, and security for valuables inside.

Holds Shattered Glass

In the event of an accident, our window film can help hold shattered glass together, keeping you safer.

Our Automotive Window Tint

Our films represent the ultimate combination of quality, function, and style. Accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the latest in window film technology.

Black Pearl® High Performance

Black Pearl High Performance automotive tint is a high-performance film that will improve...
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Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic

Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic is an IR film that offers advanced heat rejection technology...
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Black Pearl® Non-Reflective

Black Pearl Non-Reflective automotive tint features the latest in dyed film technology. Its...
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Combining classic looks and good functionality, Charcoal automotive tint offers rejection of heat...
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Charcool automotive tint is a state-of-the-art extruded film with high color stability. Weatherable,...
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GP Max

GP Max is a metallized, dyed film that features an attractive neutral color....
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Onyx automotive tint is a popular choice amongst those who desire a classic...
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Shadow is a non-reflective film with a dark, black color perfect for any...
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Premium cars require matching performance from their window tint. Wincos, a nano-ceramic IR...
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Customer Testimonials

  • Madico is the best when it comes to color stability. My son’s Accord still has Charcool that’s been on there since 2005.

    Joe Spelco
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • I have Wincos on my car. You get so used to the heat rejection until the film is removed and you notice how much protection it really gives you. Incredible tint!

    Erwin Schrodinger
  • I loved my Dodge Charger before having window film installed, but BlackPearl HP took my car’s look and driving experience to another level! My ride is more pleasant than before and the car just turns heads. Shout out to my Madico film dealer Mike Aiken for a fantastic job!

    Diego Aguirre
    Tampa, FL


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