Integrated Management System


The Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy is the prime element of the integrated management system. This is where Madico®'s top management has defined its overall intention and direction toward quality, environment, occupational health, and safety.

Madico Integrated Management System

Our objective is to become the Best-in-Class supplier of high quality manufactured film systems. We are fully committed to improving the quality of our products and services, protecting the environment, and preventing ill health and injury to our employees, vendors, and members of the public.

We will reduce the negative health and safety hazards, and environmental impacts of our activities, by utilizing a structured risk management approach. We will adopt environmentally friendly technologies, responsibly dispose of our process waste, and will actively practice emergency preparedness and contingency planning. We will work to understand and then meet or exceed customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

Integrated Contingency Plan

While no one can predict where or when disaster may strike, a good company, through good practices and processes, can effectively minimize the chance of an occurrence.

A great company, however, also has a plan to respond.

We know that our customers are relying on us to find a way to supply our materials to them EVEN IN the event of a catastrophic event striking our organization.

So, in advance of a disaster, we have prepared to respond by executing three strategic initiatives:

  • We have established a global chain of assets providing us redundant production capabilities.

  • Each asset is production qualified for a significant range of Madico products.

  • Each asset is linked to each other through our comprehensive communication network.

The Role of the Plan

We have a broad spectrum Contingency Plan in place to execute a response. The plan is a living, breathing document that is constantly updated to reflect our vigilance, capability, and your demands.

The role of the Contingency Plan is to:

  • Prepare our people on how to respond before the event

  • Manage our resources during the crisis

  • Communicate our status to our customers through the plan execution

As a customer, you can rely on us to keep your business running even during unforeseeable events.