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Anti-spall window film is a protective interlayer component for glass manufacturers, ideal for diverse security window and ballistic glass applications. As an anti-intrusion product, anti-spall film help prevent fragmentation if a projectile hits a glass surface. Some typical applications for this film include aerospace glass products, school security windows, and high-security automotive windows

PVB. TPU. Interlayer.

Anti-Spall Products

Glass-Gard Anti-Spall Laminates


Glass-Gard PET Interlayer


Glass-Gard TPU



Key Benefits of Madico's Anti-Spall Films


Madico's Anti-Spall Films provide essential protection for glass surfaces by preventing fragmentation in case of impact. These films enhance safety and security across various applications, from aerospace to high-security automotive windows. Designed for optimal performance, they offer a cost-effective solution to improve the durability and strength of glass.

  • Increases the ballistic ratings of glass by enhancing its strength while reducing weight.
  • Provides a critical layer of defense against projectiles, minimizing the risk of injury from glass shards.
  • Resistant to chemicals, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.
  • Offers robust performance under various environmental conditions.
  • Delivers exceptional optical clarity, maintaining visibility without compromising strength.
  • Ensures clear, unobstructed views essential for safety and operational efficiency.
  • Features superior scratch-resistant properties on the interior side for added protection.
  • Maintains the aesthetic and functional quality of glass surfaces.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications, including aerospace glass, school security windows, and high-security automotive windows.
  • Suitable for both commercial and industrial environments, enhancing security across multiple sectors.


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