Glass-Gard® TPU Anti-Spall Film

Glass-Gard TPU

Discover the unparalleled safety and strength of Madico's Glass-Gard® TPU anti-spall film, designed to enhance ballistic and security glass. This innovative film offers exceptional optical performance while reducing weight and improving protection.

Anti-Spall Film Benefits

Benefits of Glass-Gard® TPU Anti-Spall Film

Madico's Glass-Gard® TPU film is engineered to deliver a host of benefits that enhance the safety, durability, and performance of your glazing systems.

Weight Reduction

Lightweight construction without compromising strength, making it ideal for various applications

Chemically Resistant

Offers superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Excellent Optical Performance

Maintains high transparency with over 90% visible light transmission.

Similar to Laminated Glass

Provides comparable strength and safety features to traditional laminated glass, with additional benefits.

Superior Scratch-Resistant Hard Coat

Features an excellent scratch-resistant hard coat on the interior side for lasting clarity and protection.

Glass-Gard TPU

Product Overview

Madico's Glass-Gard® TPU anti-spall film is a cutting-edge solution for those seeking to enhance the durability and safety of ballistic and security glazing systems. Engineered to offer superior spall protection, this PET-based film is crafted with various constructions to provide an excellent scratch-resistant hard coat on the interior side. Ideal for applications across automotive, defense, transportation, and architectural sectors, Glass-Gard® TPU film ensures superior performance and reliability.

Product Specs


M956286 Glass Gard Film for TPU Data Sheet

This datasheet provides comprehensive information on Madico’s Glass-Gard® TPU anti-spall film, including its benefits, applications, performance measurements, and material construction details.