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Paint Protection Film

Protekt® PPF offers long-lasting protection against scratches, chips, and road debris, preserving your vehicle’s value and appearance.

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Protekt PPF Benefits

Superior Paint Protection

Explore What Protekt PPF can do for you

Engineered with advanced technology, this film offers unparalleled protection, superior clarity, and ease of installation. Discover how Protekt can enhance your vehicle's durability and appearance while providing long-lasting defense against everyday hazards.

  • Advanced Self-Healing Topcoat. The ultra-premium self-healing topcoat ensures that swirls and scratches disappear, maintaining a pristine finish.
  • Superior Flexibility and Stretch. Best-in-class flex and stretch properties allow for easy application on complex surfaces, ensuring a smooth and flawless fit.
  • Forgiving Adhesive. The forgiving adhesive facilitates repositioning during installation, making the process more efficient and reducing errors.
  • Excellent Optical Clarity. Protekt FlexPro PPF offers excellent optical clarity, ensuring that the original color and shine of the vehicle remain unaffected.
  • Stain Resistance. The film provides superior resistance to stains from tree sap, bugs, oil, tar, bird droppings, and more, making cleaning and maintenance effortless.
  • Hydrophobic Topcoat. The hydrophobic topcoat repels water, ensuring that the vehicle remains cleaner for longer and is easier to wash.
  • UV Stability. Protekt FlexPro is UV-stable, protecting the vehicle’s paint from yellowing and fading over time.
  • Protective Cap Sheet. A protective cap sheet prevents damage during transit, ensuring that the film arrives in perfect condition.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty. The product comes with a manufacturer's warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

No – Madico automotive window films are professionally installed by dealers who are knowledgeable in the nuances of individual vehicles and are highly skilled in current installation techniques to assure a quality installation every time. Dealers can also help you discover the right automotive window film for your performance needs and closely match any existing factory-tinted glass on your vehicle.

Yes, Protekt PPF works great on vehicles, RVs, boats, jet skis, utility vehicles, tractors, and motorcycles.

Absolutely. For both automotive and architectural film, the useful life of window film can depend on the film type and the glass type. For buildings, window construction, building orientation, and geographical location come into play. Most residential and automotive applications are covered by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your house or car. Most commercial installations receive either a 10- or 15-year warranty. The warranty coverage offered by Madico® is based on extensive internal testing and our years of experience in the field. To learn more, contact your dealer.

Yes, Madico provides a 7-year warranty for Protekt PPF.

All Madico® window films are installed by professional Madico window film dealers. The installation process begins with the dealer thoroughly cleaning your windows to remove even the smallest dirt particles. A piece of film is cut roughly to the size of your window—whether for an automotive installation or a window installation for home or commercial property. The installer then removes a protective release liner and sprays an application solution on the film’s adhesive to activate it. The application solution is also sprayed on the window to which the film will be applied. Then the film is installed on the glass, and the installer squeegees all the application solution out from between the glass and film. The installer will also do some final edge trimming to ensure the film fits perfectly.

This depends on the film type, glass type, window construction, orientation, and geographical location of the building.


All Madico® architectural window films are covered by a warranty for some specified time. Most residential and automotive applications are covered by a lifetime warranty as long as you own the house or car. Most commercial installations receive either a 10- or 15-year warranty. There are some specialty films that have different terms; for example, exterior films are warranted for five years on vertical glass, two years on sloped glass; and decorative films usually have seven-year coverage.


The warranty coverage is based on extensive internal testing and our years of experience in the field. It is common that we see films that last well beyond their warranties, sometimes as long as 15-20 years.


Madico automotive window films longevity depends on some specific variables as well, like product type and quality, the climate the car has to bear, and the amount of direct sunlight the car is exposed to. The good news is, Madico automotive window films are manufactured using high quality dyes, adhesives, and laminates and are covered by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

The cost of automotive window film depends on many factors. Your local Madico® dealer will provide you with both a consultation and an estimate to address your individual needs. Visit our dealer directory to find an authorized Madico dealer near you.

All Madico dealers are highly trained, experienced professionals. The process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours depending on how many windows are being tinted and if any old window film is being removed. Your dealer will be able to advise you on the required amount of time needed when making your appointment.

Madico® window films are available through our extensive dealer network nationally and internationally. Our films are manufactured at our facility in Tampa Bay, Florida, and distributed through eight service centers across North America. Internationally, Madico has distributors all over the world including in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

To find a window film or window tint dealer near your in North America check our dealer locator here.

To find an international distributor please visit our window film distribution page.

Protekt PPF works on a full range of vehicle surfaces including the hood, bumpers, fenders, side view mirrors, grills, rocker panels, rear quarter panels, truck bed rails, door frame edges and thresholds, wiper blade landing areas, door handles and looks, roof areas, under utility racks, and around wheel wells.

When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint finish, it’s a jungle of flying objects and natural forces out there: stones, gravel, sand, bird droppings, winter salt, tree sap, bugs, oil, and other road debris. Fortunately, Protekt PPF is an easy, long-lasting solution to protecting your vehicle and maintaining its new car look.

Protekt PPF is a transparent paint protection film that is optically clear and resistant to stains and discoloration.