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Specialty solution products are developed in collaboration with our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. We partner with leading organizations around the world to help them achieve their product objectives. Whether you work in aerospace, transportation, information display, or another industry, we've been delivering trusted solutions for our customers across diverse market sectors for four decades. Our extensive experience and in-depth industry insights allow us to create precise solutions to work within your specific field's operational and regulatory requirements.

Whatever coating solutions you need to optimize your processes, our expert team can deliver superior coatings for everything from heat resistance to superhydrophobic properties. Our high-quality coatings offer long-term durability and customizable resistance to fragmentation, chemicals, and other elements that could compromise operability. From manufactured parts to crucial materials to glass products, a wide range of items you produce can benefit from protective Madico coatings.

From custom laminating to metallizing, we can work with you to develop the customized solutions you need to handle unique applications. Our goal is to deliver solutions that match your requirements and provide specialized uses to work best for your operational needs. We have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to handle many different coating requirements and deliver products that meet the most rigorous standards for your industry.

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Our Capabilities

Madico’s Specialty Solutions division offers custom solutions to OEM’s in a wide variety of formats that can be achieved through our range of manufacturing capabilities. Madico is able to coat, laminate, and vacuum deposit all on one substrate. We can apply multiple types of protection and efficiently manage multistep coating processes for superior results. Our innovative processes allow us to efficiently deliver the solutions you need for your products in various stages of manufacturing.

With a wide set of capabilities, we can handle complex operational needs and ensure you get superior protection for any substrate with our coating solutions. When you partner with us, we can address diverse custom laminating and coating requirements and deliver products ready for the most demanding applications in their field.

Coating & Laminating

With more than 40 years of precision coating and laminating, Madico is a world leader in coating, laminating, and converting of films in wide width, roll-to-roll format. Our products are complex, multi-layered, and engineered to our customers' precise specifications — and complete satisfaction. Whether you need a coating that is scratch-resistant, forms a heat seal, or meets another critical operational need, we can exactly match your requirements with our advanced technologies and product solutions.


VDI, a subsidiary of Madico's parent company, Lintec Corp., offers a full range of highly specialized, cutting-edge film products and services. Founded in 1971, it is the leading custom roll-to-roll metallizer of evaporative, sputtered, and electron beam coatings.
VDI offers a wide range of capabilities for metallizing films on substrates such as fabrics, flexible glass, Nylon, PET, and other web polymers. Additionally, VDI can provide customized rewinding and slitting pre- and post-metallization with industry-grade slitting machines. For industrial film service needs, you can depend on VDI for high-quality results that can handle wide-ranging applications in various fields.

Contract Coating

Our experience in coating and laminating spans more than four decades, and gives us the expertise to offer outstanding Toll/Contracting Manufacturing services. We achieve it with quality, adopting a fierce commitment to systems, processes, and execution to bring our customers' products or prototypes to reality. When you work with us as your coating and laminating contractor, we'll deliver innovative services to meet your requirements.
For each project, we take the time to understand your unique specifications and create results that precisely fit your requirements. You can have confidence that our customized solutions will be a tangible realization of the product you envision when you come to us. With trusted durability and expert engineering, our products offer long-term operational value for your projects.

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Get in touch with the experts. We have a proven track record in developing specialized solutions that meet our customers budget and exact engineering specifications. Our Research, Development, and Engineering teams will work with you to complete your project on time.

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