Madico®’s objective is to run a sustainable manufacturing operation with minimal waste by combining our state-of-the-art facility and machinery with continuous-improvement processes. Our suppliers are regional to our manufacturing facilities, and our distribution centers are strategically located near our customers.

Our Production Staff

Madico’s staff averages more than 15 years with the company and are established, highly-regarded subject matter experts. As Madico invests in its factory and labs, we also make certain our staff has access to the training required to become leaders. In fact, Madico currently employs several of the world’s most advanced thinkers in Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. Madico’s staff is made up of ordinary people who produce the extraordinary!

Waste Minimization Process

Madico adheres closely to the “operational excellence” models espoused by the prestigious Shingo Prize organization. It is our unwavering goal to be a recipient of the award considered the most rigorous in the world for operational excellence. Our pursuit of this coveted prize ensures we follow the most stringent waste minimization manufacturing processes, reducing or eliminating non-value added steps and waste in the following seven categories: Defect, Overproduction, Transportation, Waiting, Inventory, Motion, and Over-Processing. The benefits for the customer include cost competitiveness, inventory, minimal lead times and reduced environmental impact.

Madico utilizes the Six Sigma improvement process in its manufacturing. Six Sigma is a broad set of statistically-based tools and problem-solving process for reducing variation. The problem-solving process follows the “DMAIC” format of Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control.

Facility Efficiencies

Madico’s facility is designed for 100 percent capture of process emissions and is equipped with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (MEGTECCleanSwitch) that performs with greater than 99 percent destruction efficiency of Volatile Organic Compounds utilized in the manufacturing processes. This system also functions as a heat recovery system with 95 percent thermal efficiency. The heat is captured and re-used in our manufacturing process.

Our Equipment

Madico’s Tampa Bay, Florida facility is more than 200,000 square feet of space designed for advanced manufacturing activity. With redundancy at multiple key points, we can ensure our operations continue to run in the event of local disruptions due to a storm, hurricane or other natural disturbance.

Madico’s production lines give us the capability to run a wide variety of coatings utilizing our two 74-inch coater laminators and one 67-inch coater laminator. Our slitting capability allows us to produce rolls from 50 feet to several thousand feet in length.. We have two high speed precision slitters, a Zund sheeter system and several window film roll down machines with printing capability.