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Madico's automotive tint and automotive window tint are one of the easiest—and smartest—ways to enhance your vehicle.

Solar Control Series

  Solar Control

Installing solar window film in your home lowers air conditioning costs in the summer and heating bills in the winter. Madico’s architectural films block 99% of the sun’s harmful rays and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Protect your family and prevent your furnishings from fading. Solar film also reduces glare and increases privacy.

Safety & Security

  Safety & Security

Protect your home with Madico’s window security film. Engineered to make glass shatter resistant against high winds and storms, our safety and security films reduce hazards by holding shattered glass together. Reduce vandalism and crime by using safety and security film to deter and slow smash and grabbers. You can trust these high-performance films.



Decorative window films add style to any home when used on glass windows, doors or room dividers. Madico’s decorative films feature a wide variety of patterns and colors to create a customized design to enhance any home. Select window privacy film to block 100% of light transmission or choose a decorative film that blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Case Studies

  Case Study

Read our full Case Study to find out how window film produces energy efficient homes. Energy saving with window film is easy when using Madico’s solar control films to protect your home and reduce utility bills. Case studies highlight challenges and the real-world results homeowners achieved by installing solar control window film in their residences.

Improve your driving experience with auto tint

Take protection on the road with you with our auto window tint. Madico automotive window tints offer protection from the sun, flying debris, and road hazards.

UV Protection

Our films block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and reducing fading of interiors.

Increase Safety

In the event of an accident, our automotive window film helps hold shattered glass together, keeping you safer.

Protect Paint Finish

Safeguard your car’s finish from flying debris and natural forces with Madico’s paint protection film’s industry-leading top coat.

Temperature Control

You’ll stay cooler and your driving comfort will improve with Madico window film’s maximum heat rejection.

Reduce Glare

Window film reduces harmful glare, which can affect visibility and lead to eyestrain and drowsiness.

Enhance Style

Our window films are available in a variety of shades and colors, making it easy to enhance the look of your car.

Windshield Protection

Our optically-clear windshield protection film absorbs the impact of standard road hazards, leaving glass in pristine condition.

Improve Privacy

Madico offers a wide range of shades that offer privacy for you and your passengers, and security for your valuables inside.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Madico automotive films are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty in North America. Ask your dealer for details.

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