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Madico film dealers are located throughout North America to assist you with your window film installation needs. These trained professionals will help you select the best window film product to meet your needs along with providing a quality installation. Whether you are looking to have your car tinted or experience the benefits of a solar control film for your home or business, we’ve got you covered with our network of Madico dealers.

Choosing the right window film dealers can deliver many benefits for your home, vehicle or business. Window films offer privacy and prevent clear visibility inside a car or building, offering added security and comfort. They also improve safety by shielding occupants from dangerous UV rays. Madico products have received a recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation for their ability to protect people's skin from exposure to harmful rays.

Our commercial or home window film dealers can help you find the best options to protect the interior of your building as well, with products that slow the fading of upholstery. Window film can also reduce glare and help protect the eyes of the building's occupants throughout the day. With such a wide range of benefits for your building or vehicle, this film is a worthwhile investment that delivers value on several different levels.

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Enjoy a more comfortable driving experience with Madico automotive films. Along with increased privacy and protection from UV rays, our products can also help hold shattered glass together in the event of a collision. Our window film dealers can work with you to find solutions that match your practical application needs and your aesthetic preferences for your vehicle.


Enjoy life in a better light with window film that saves energy, controls glare, improves safety, and enhances the appearance of your home. Our residential window film dealers can talk to you about how our products can protect your home while providing excellent visibility from inside.


Installing Madico window film is a savvy way to lower energy costs, reduce CO2 emissions, increase building safety, and improve your tenants' comfort. With trusted products to protect your building from harmful UV rays and reduce glare, you'll be able to create an optimal work environment within your commercial space.

  Safety & Security

Reduce the risk of crime, personal injury, property damage, and loss caused by natural disasters while improving privacy with Madico’s safety and security films.