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These electronically-fillable consumer warranty forms can be filled in on any device such as a computer, tablet or phone and emailed to the customer with their invoice or purchase receipt. You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader app in order to open, fill and save these forms.

Madico Automotive

Madico Automotive Warranty (M956431)

Madico ClearPlex Warranty (M956258)

Madico Protekt Warranty (M956299)

Madico Commercial and Residential Films

Madico Commercial and Residential Warranty (M956144)

Madico Special Purpose Film Warranty (M956160)

Madico Film Installation Guide (M956145)

Madico Job Approval Form


Sunscape Commercial and Residential Warranty (S955007)

Sunscape Residential Extended Warranty (S955009)

Sunscape Film Installation Guide (S955010)

Sunscape Job Approval Form


SafetyShield Commercial and Residential Warranty (M956170)

SafetyShield Film Installation Guide (M956265)

Warranty Information for Dealers

A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. When you purchase a Madico film product, you can rest assured that you’re also getting one of the best warranties in the industry, and you’re dealing with a company that has a history of backing its product and taking care of its customers.

Post-Installation Consumer Warranty Film Claims

Consumers should be provided with a completed installation record and dealer invoice for use when warranty work is required. If a consumer recognizes a film failure, they should report the film failure to the original installing dealer.

As the original installing dealer, please verify the claim by first determining if the film defect is covered as specified in the original warranty, then checking that the person making the claim is the original owner and that they have the original warranty and dealer invoice (proof of purchase), and finally that the claim falls within the timeframe for warranty coverage.

Once this information has been verified please provide all copies of receipts and warranty information to Madico. Please submit automotive claims to your local Madico Service Center. All other claims should be submitted to the Madico Quality Department via email,

Dealer Film Quality Claims

A film quality claim is a claim related to a film defect that prohibits the proper installation or use of the material.

To address a quality claim, your local Madico Service Center representative will collect your claim data using the Customer Concern Form and request samples of the defect from you. All claims should be submitted within one year of original billing date.

All flat Glass claims must be approved prior to any installation.   Please contact your local Service Center at 888-887-2022 to begin the authorization process.

Glass Breakage-Seal Failure Warranty Claims

Glass breakage-seal failure warranty claims must be submitted to Madico within the warranty period. All claims must be approved prior to any reinstallation using the Glass Breakage-Seal Failure Claim Form.

  • Documents required for a glass breakage-seal failure claim:

  • Copy of completed claim information form.

  • Copy of film warranty certificate and installation record. Copy of original invoice including any available itemization of windows filmed may be submitted in lieu of installation record.

  • Quotation for glass replacement: 2 quotations for glass replacement should be submitted and must be itemized showing a description, dimensions and installed cost for each unit individually. If there are special circumstances regarding getting quotes, please contact the warranty department. Upon proof that replacement work has been completed, payment of approved warranty glass replacement will be made to the customer or dealer billed by the glass vendor unless Madico specifically requested to pay the glass vendor directly.

  • Claims for seal failure also require proof that window manufacturer’s warranty would be in force if no film were installed. (Typically, only original homeowners or homeowners who have purchased new window replacements are eligible for seal failure coverage.)

Credit requests for film and labor on glass breakage or seal failure warranties must be submitted using the appropriate claim form. Re-filming work should be completed and submitted to Madico within 60 days after window replacement to be eligible for film and labor credit.

For assistance on a warranty claim please contact your local Madico Service Center at 888-887-2022 in the United States or, in Canada, 866-345-6832. Email the Madico warranty department: