Paint Protection Film

Protekt Matte PPF

Protekt Matte PPF by Madico offers a consistent matte appearance with innovative topcoat technology that provides stain resistance and self-healing properties, ideal for various vehicles and conditions. Easily cut for a tailored fit, it resists scratches, chemicals, and pollution. Protekt PPF protects vehicle surfaces from road debris, chemicals, and other impact damages, driving traffic and profits to your business.

Paint Protection Film

Protekt PPF Benefits

Protekt PPF by Madico is an advanced paint protection film featuring a durable topcoat that offers exceptional resistance to scratches, chemicals, and stains. Designed for various vehicles, it ensures long-lasting protection and maintains the vehicle's aesthetic appeal.

Stain Resistance

Offers best-in-class stain resistance, keeping the vehicle's surface pristine.

Self-Healing Properties

Innovative topcoat that heals minor scratches automatically.

Chemical Protection

Shields against chemicals and pollutants, preserving the paint's integrity.

Debris Protection

Protects against common road debris such as stones, gravel, and sand.

Winter Salt Defense

Effective barrier against winter salt, preventing corrosion and damage.

Customizable Fit

Easily cut to fit any vehicle surface using Madico’s MACS system and other plotters.

Extended Warranty

Backed by a factory warranty for added peace of mind.

Versatile Application

Suitable for various vehicle surfaces including full body wrap, hood, front bumper, wheel wells, door edges, handles, quarter panels, and side mirrors.

Protekt Matte PPF

Product Overview

Protekt Matte PPF by Madico offers a consistent matte appearance with an innovative topcoat that provides best-in-class stain resistance and self-healing properties. Protekt Matte can be trusted to perform in all conditions and is ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, utility vehicles, marine vessels, and vehicle fleets. Protekt is designed to protect painted surfaces from common road debris such as stones, gravel, sand, and winter salt.

Protekt PPF can easily be cut with Madico’s MACS system and other plotters to provide a tailored fit to any vehicle surface. Its proprietary, industry-leading top coat resists scratches, chemicals, and pollution.


Add Protekt PPF by Madico to your portfolio and you’ll be driving traffic and profits to your business. Plus, it’s backed by a 7-year warranty.


Exceptional protection against:

  • Chemical stains

  • Protects vehicles against the forces of nature and the road

  • Bug residue

  • Stones and gravel

  • Sand

  • Scratches

  • Winter salt

  • Other flying objects that may cause minor impact damage

Protekt PPF protects a full range of vehicle surfaces:

  1. Full Body Wrap – Full protection maintains the value of the car and the shiny, new car look

  2. Hood – One of the lowest painted surfaces on a car needs protection

  3. Front Bumper – Protect against paint chips and bug splatter

  4. Wheel Wells – Helps guard against stone chips

  5. Door Edges and Handles – Door edges and handles are scratch-prone areas

  6. Quarter Panels – Another area vulnerable to road debris

  7. Side Mirrors – Protection from rock chips at high speeds

Product Specs


Protekt PPF Consumer Brochure

Madico's Protekt® Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers self-healing, stain-resistant protection for various vehicle surfaces against road debris and common contaminants, ensuring a lasting new-vehicle look. Backed by a manufacturer's warranty, it's suitable for cars, trucks, RVs, and more.