Paint Protection with Protekt FlexPro PPF

Protekt FlexPro PPF

Experience the superior protection of Protekt FlexPro PPF. This ultra-premium paint protection film offers best-in-class flexibility, a self-healing topcoat, and outstanding stain resistance, ensuring your vehicle remains pristine.

Paint Protection Film

Comprehensive Benefits of Protekt FlexPro PPF

Discover the unmatched advantages of Protekt FlexPro PPF, designed to provide superior protection and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Each feature has been meticulously engineered to deliver top performance and ease of use.

Self-Healing Topcoat

Our innovative topcoat technology eliminates scratches and swirls, ensuring a flawless finish.

Enhanced Flexibility and Stretch

Best-in-class flexibility allows for a perfect fit on any vehicle surface, simplifying the installation process.

Forgiving Adhesive

The high-tack removable adhesive permits easy repositioning, making installation a breeze.

Gloss Finish

Achieve a sleek, shiny appearance that enhances your vehicle's aesthetic appeal.

Excellent Optical Clarity

Provides clear, unobstructed visibility while offering robust protection.

Stain Resistance

Resists common stains from tree sap, bugs, oil, tar, and bird droppings, maintaining a clean look.

Hydrophobic Properties

Repels water and other liquids, making the film easy to clean and maintain.

UV Stability

Protects against yellowing caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Protekt FlexPro PPF

Product Overview

Protekt FlexPro PPF by Madico sets a new standard in vehicle paint protection. Engineered with an advanced, self-healing topcoat, this film not only resists scratches and swirls but also eliminates them over time. Its superior flexibility and stretch allow for seamless application on various vehicle surfaces, making it a top choice for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. The high-quality adhesive ensures easy repositioning during installation, while the hydrophobic properties keep the surface clean and shiny by repelling water and stains from tree sap, bugs, oil, and bird droppings. Protekt FlexPro also offers UV stability to prevent yellowing and includes a protective cap sheet to prevent damage during transit. With Protekt FlexPro, you can ensure long-lasting, immaculate protection for your vehicle's paint.

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Protekt PPF Consumer Brochure

Madico's Protekt® Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers self-healing, stain-resistant protection for various vehicle surfaces against road debris and common contaminants, ensuring a lasting new-vehicle look. Backed by a manufacturer's warranty, it's suitable for cars, trucks, RVs, and more.