We live in a fast-moving, dynamically evolving world. Our Specialty Solutions target applications in industries that need to keep pace—or stay ahead of it. Specialty film products are developed in collaboration with our OEM customers. We partner with leading organizations around the world to help them achieve their product objectives.


Madico® works directly with independent labs to design products that pass strict testing requirements and ensure passenger safety. Our aerospace films are ideal for surfaces that need enhanced characteristics, like heat or acoustic insulation, while adhering to FAA and EASA standards.


Madico® transportation films offer a cost-effective solution to protecting transit assets including rail cars, trams, subway cars, buses, and more. From anti-graffiti to anti-spall, our transportation films can improve the protection and energy management of your transit assets.

Contract Coating

Have a unique need that requires the development of a customized product? Bring us your product or prototype and we’ll translate its critical-to-quality requirements into a robust roll-to-roll process that enables you to get to market both quickly and cost effectively.

Information Display

We offer specialty films for electronic displays which protect displays against end user’s interaction during everyday use. Product feature specifications include scratch resistance, hydrophobicity, anti-reflective, anti-glare, chemical and cleaning resistance, and view control films.

Building Materials

Madico® offers customized film solutions to meet your building material needs. Improve the weight, performance, and cost of glass, make windows impact resistant, or upgrade the performance of fire rated, ceramic and wire glass applications where safety glazing is required.

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