Madico – A Century of Innovation

Since 1903 Madico, Inc. has designed, created, and produced products of outstanding innovation and the highest quality. We began over a century ago with leather products, and through the years evolved into lamination, coating, and metallizing of flexible films. We create, design, manufacture, and distribute a broad range of products such as window film for buildings, automobiles, and most any type of glass. We assist manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and bio-medical industries with the design and development of sustainable, profitable, and improved performance of their finished products. We also produce device screen film that enables retailers to reduce inventory costs while delivering exciting, on-demand, and profitable products to consumers.

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Window Film

Madico is the oldest (most experienced) manufacturer of window film with a history of production dating back the 1960’s and a presence in over 80 countries. Madico window films update the appearance of existing glass and reduce the energy costs of most types of commercial and residential buildings. Madico SafetyShield® window films and FrameGard® systems withstand high pressure such as that from strong winds and industrial or deliberate explosions. Madico automotive window films can improve the comfort and appearance of any automobile and achieve local, legal compliance in most countries. ClearPlex® by Madico automotive glass protection is the only product patented for windscreen application where legally permitted. ClearPlex reduces the risk of expensive and time-consuming glass and windscreen replacement caused by stone strikes and break-ins.

Specialty Solutions

Madico was one of the first American manufacturers to coat film and other flexible materials with metal. Our capabilities include customized coating, laminating, and metallizing. Madico produces all products under ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certificated conditions. We currently serve and are not limited to the aerospace, healthcare, transportation, information display, and construction industries. Madico can design, create, and test new or modified products to achieve performance ratings that include ASTM, CPSC, GSA, ISO, and (C)EN standards. Bring us your prototype or existing products for improvement, and we can make it a reality.

Diversified Products

Diversity of product design creates more opportunities for business growth. ProtectionPro™ is Madico’s patented, on-demand device screen protection for consumers. Retail stores that sell mobile phones, computers, and consumer electronics can offer their customers added value at the point of purchase. ProtectionPro provides any consumer electronic device with a display or touchscreen protection against breakage as well as body protection options. Any device, new or old, can use ProtectionPro without adding inventory cost or sacrifice of valuable display and floor space.

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