We Make Products That Help Make the World a Better Place

Located in Tampa Bay, Fl., Madico Inc. innovates, manufacturers and distributes a broad range of materials-based solutions including window film, coatings and laminates for numerous industries across the globe from automotive and architecture to healthcare and aerospace. Since 1903, Madico has pioneered products with an unrivaled commitment to quality.

We Are More Than Just a
Window Film Company

Our products are designed to help improve and enhance people's lives every day.

A Health Company

We shield automobile passengers and building occupants from harmful ultraviolet rays.

A Design Company

We add aesthetic beauty to automobiles, properties, and devices.

A Climate-Control Company

We create comfortable environments at home, in the office, and on the road.

A Safety and Security Company

We protect people from shattered glass and unwanted intruders.

A Cost-Efficiency Company

We create year-round energy savings by minimizing heating and cooling costs.

A Solutions Company

We protect products in industries as diverse as aerospace, transportation, and healthcare.

A Privacy Company

We give you space to be yourself, away from prying eyes.

A Device Protection Company

We protect the screens and bodies of all types of devices, from legacy to the newest releases.

A Metallizing Company

We provide custom roll-to-roll metallizers of evaporative, sputtered, and electron beam coatings.

An Innovative Company

We create highly-customized solutions for unique needs.

It's Also About
What's Next

We didn’t get to where we are just going with the flow. Through research and development and keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging market needs, Madico continues to lead the way in developing applications designed to help make our world a better place.   It’s a mindset that can best be described in Our Beliefs and Core Values.

Our Vision 


By staying true to our core values and faithfully executing our mission, Madico will be recognized as a leader in the Specialty Solutions, Window Films, and Diversified Business markets that we serve worldwide.  Always growing and profitable, we will be known as a company: 


  •  that customers and suppliers WANT to do business with.
  •  that communities WANT to have in their midst.
  •  that employees WANT to work for.
  •  that shareholders WANT to invest in.


Our Mission 


We will provide protective, functional, and decorative materials-based solutions and related services to a diverse group of customers located all over the world.  We will establish balanced partnerships with our customers and suppliers to achieve performance goals and sustainable profits for all parties involved. We will build long-term relationships, collaborate closely, leverage our technical expertise, demonstrate a “Yes I Can” attitude, and utilize a high level of customer engagement to set us apart from our competition. 


Our Core Values 


  1.  We will conduct business in an open, honest, and ethical manner.
  2.  We will provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ demands for quality and service.
  3.  We will strive for positive partnerships that balance the best interests of our shareholders, suppliers, employees, customers, and communities.
  4.  We will take responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  5.  We will be goal oriented, continually improving, and driven for excellence.
  6.  We will provide a safe and respectful environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.
  7.  We will work together using a professional, collaborative, team oriented approach with a “Yes I Can” attitude.
  8.  We will strive for work-life balance and whenever possible incorporate fun into our daily routines.