Trusted Manufacturer for More Than 120 Years

For more than a century, Madico, Inc. has set the standard for producing world-class, high-quality film products. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA features sophisticated coating and laminating lines along with an advanced research and development center to support its growing product offerings.

Madico’s business segments include window films and specialty solutions. The window film division manufactures and distributes high performance films for automotive, architectural and safety and security applications through eight company-owned distribution centers in North America as well as an extensive international distributor network. The specialty solutions division collaborates, manufactures, and delivers value-added film solutions to OEM’s who use Madico film as components of their own products in a variety of industries including aerospace, healthcare, transportation, and building construction.

Popular Madico brands include the Sunscape® premier architectural film line, SafetyShield® safety and security films and anchoring restraint systems, Wincos® IR and Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic automotive films, Protekt® automotive paint protection, ClearPlex® windshield protection film, and ProtectionPro® on-demand device protection.

The company’s commitment to glass film innovation has earned recognition from such esteemed organizations as the Protecting People First Foundation, while Madico’s dedication to responsible testing has helped it earn certifications from Underwriters Laboratories and other reputable agencies. Madico has pioneered numerous industry-first products with an unrivaled commitment to quality and dedication to its customers. Madico is a fully owned subsidiary of Lintec USA Holdings, Inc.

More than Just a Film Manufacturer

Madico is a company that puts customers first by embracing a flexible, collaborative manufacturing style that nurtures new customers and strengthens experienced ones. Our business segments include window films and specialty solutions.

Window Films

The window film division manufactures and distributes high performance window films for automotive, architectural, and safety and security applications through eight company owned distribution centers in North America as well as an extensive international distributor network.

Specialty Solutions

This business unit includes the Specialty Films division, which collaborates, manufactures, and delivers value added film solutions to large integrated OEM’s who use Madico film components as a part of their own product. Madico’s industry leading on-demand device protection, ProtectionPro® and Safe-Gard® protective face shields also are included in this business segment.

Leader in Research & Development

Through robust Research and Development departments and understanding emerging market needs, Madico continues to lead the way in developing innovative applications to solve customer challenges. Madico invigorates its position in the marketplace by investing in development in front of emerging market needs. Our operating principles can be best described in the company’s Beliefs and Core Values.

Our Vision 


By staying true to our core values and faithfully executing our mission, Madico will be recognized as a leader in the Specialty Solutions, Window Films, and Diversified Business markets that we serve worldwide.  Always growing and profitable, we will be known as a company: 


  •  that customers and suppliers WANT to do business with.
  •  that communities WANT to have in their midst.
  •  that employees WANT to work for.
  •  that shareholders WANT to invest in.


Our Mission 


We will provide protective, functional, and decorative materials-based solutions and related services to a diverse group of customers located all over the world.  We will establish balanced partnerships with our customers and suppliers to achieve performance goals and sustainable profits for all parties involved. We will build long-term relationships, collaborate closely, leverage our technical expertise, demonstrate a “Yes I Can” attitude, and utilize a high level of customer engagement to set us apart from our competition. 


Our Core Values 


  1.  We will conduct business in an open, honest, and ethical manner.
  2.  We will provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ demands for quality and service.
  3.  We will strive for positive partnerships that balance the best interests of our shareholders, suppliers, employees, customers, and communities.
  4.  We will take responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  5.  We will be goal oriented, continually improving, and driven for excellence.
  6.  We will provide a safe and respectful environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.
  7.  We will work together using a professional, collaborative, team oriented approach with a “Yes I Can” attitude.
  8.  We will strive for work-life balance and whenever possible incorporate fun into our daily routines.