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Hiring Employees the Right Way

Employees are the single most valuable asset to your window film business. Hiring good employees takes time and effort.

 3m 06s

How (and Why) to Create an Effective Employee Development Program

Notice how many large company leaders attribute success to their employees? It’s because it’s true. Let’s learn how to motivate your employees.

 2m 43s

Subcontractor Or Employee? Make Sure You Know the Difference

You may hire an independent contractor, only to find out the law considers your new hire an employee. Be careful or you could suffer huge financial implications.

 3m 30s

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The Importance of Following Up with Customers and Prospects

Referrals are a whole lot cheaper than advertising. But how do you go above and beyond to turn a customer into an advocate for your window film business?

 2m 12s

How to Get Through the Off-Season Blues and Build a Better Dealership

You may see it coming around the same time each year. The off-season blues. Time to turn that slow-time into go-time to boost your window film dealership.

 2m 47s

Cross-Promoting Your Business With Other Trades

Find yourself working alongside lots of people in various working trades and forging a great rapport with them? You may be looking at your next business opportunity.

 2m 22s

Marketing Resources See More  

Six Website Navigation Tips for Small Businesses in 2019

Pop-ups. Flashing advertisements. Disorienting animations. Multimedia auto plays. That ever-present query imploring us to sign up for the newsletter. These are all some of the...

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Here’s An Introduction to Stock Images, a Great Resource for Marketing and Advertising

Stock images are defined as the archive of images that can be licensed commercially and it’s a vast and vastly useful resource for a wide variety...

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Understanding and Building Word of Mouth Referrals

A lot of companies spend time building out strategies and conceptual structures and market surveys about how to improve the word on the street about...

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