Dealer of the Quarter – Q4 2021

Company Name: Palmetto Protection Films
Owner: Matthew Yelle
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Just as the world came to know what COVID 19 would mean for businesses and consumers alike, a small tinting enterprise was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The husband and wife team at Palmetto Protection Films had a vision for their own business that would focus on highly individualized customer service, guaranteed appointment times and educational resources for their commercial and residential clients. Matthew Yelle had already been a part of the window film industry for nearly 20 years while working for another tinting business. It was time to strike out on his own and with the administrative support of his wife, they founded Palmetto Protection Films

Palmetto Protection Films specializes mostly in solar control installations, but also does plenty of automotive and safety film jobs as well. Being situated along the coast of South Carolina, weather conditions can make it tough for some to enjoy their coastal homes. Matthew talks with each client not only to educate them on what film can do, but to help them chose the perfect film for their application. His big sellers are Sunscape Duralite, Starlite, Purelite and Designer Grey 35 8 mil safety film. On the automotive side, Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic is what he sells the most of. It looks great on any vehicle and provides increased privacy and heat rejection over other automotive films.

When asked what Matthew likes most about being a Madico dealer he said, “The film performs like it’s supposed to and is great to install. Madico has been around for a while, and some of the competitors do not have longevity to back up their claims. I believe the R&D behind the films Madico offers is truthful and I feel confident selling the product. We get amazing support from the Madico team, the quality of the products offered is very good, and staying loyal to one brand gives us the opportunity to take the most advantage of that support.”

When asked if any particular job stands out in his mind, Matthew replied, “I am proud of every installation I do, but there have been a few that had outstanding results for the client including a local restaurant and an upscale home with marble floors. At Maggi D’s Fine Italian Restaurant, the owner had received complaints from patrons about the higher temperature near the windows and the incoming glare from the sun.”  He turned to us for the solution using Sunscape Duralite 20. He received a lot of “thank-you’s” from his regulars and lots of compliments to our business, too.

About a month after installation, a homeless man attempted to gain access by throwing a brick at the window.  The Duralite film held the glass together and prevented it from coming into the restaurant.  As soon as the new window was installed, we were called back to get film applied as everyone missed the benefit of the window tint!”  A residential example comes to mind concerning fade control, “A homeowner in an upscale neighborhood noticed that the blue vein that ran through his marble floors had faded due to UV rays.  He contacted us to apply Duralite 30 to protect all their beautiful furnishings and expensive marble, as well as to enhance their gorgeous view of the lake.” 

We asked Matthew what the most effective selling tools are for him and he replied, “being able to really demonstrate how window film reduces heat using a Sunscape heat light and different design guide samples of Sunscape films, printed brochures and sample books.” For automotive sales tools, he uses the Madico wow box demo kit, wallboards and sample books. Marketing is the easy part for Palmetto Protection films as much of their business comes from referrals, social media posts, Yelp, home shows and handing out business cards everywhere he goes. Congratulations to Palmetto Protection Films for being named Madico’s Dealer of the Quarter!