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ProtectionPro by Madico® is the most advanced touchscreen shield and body protector for all types of devices—from legacy to the newest releases. Protect your phone, tablet, eReader, camera, laptop, wearables—and style—with ProtectionPro.

Touchscreen Protection

Touchscreen Protection

ProtectionPro's high-quality touchscreen film is:

  •   Clear, doesn't alter visibility or brightness
  •   Slim—only 0.2mm thick—the slickest and smoothest shield on the market
  •   Strong, won't break and is impact resistant
  •   Sensitive, maintains screen responsiveness
  •   Flexible around curved edges
  •   Self-healing to minor scratches and abrasions

Protect Your Style with Custom Body Armor For Any Device

We offer a full range of body protector colors and patterns that allow you to customize the look and feel of your device so you can protect your style wherever you go.

  •   Unique style and personalization
  •   Variety of texture and color options
  •   Case-friendly options
  •   Increased durability
  •   The ability to update the look of a legacy or damaged device
  •   Seamless integration with ProtectionPro film

Customer Testimonials

  • It’s so convenient not to have to replace your screen protector made out of glass every time you drop your phone. Super quality materials and great customer support!

    Rosney Perez Gonzalez
    Boca Raton, Florida
  • I hate bulky cases on my iPhone, so I was glad to choose ProtectionPro as an alternative to save my screen from breaking.

    Olivia Dente
    Fayetteville, Pennsylvania
  • So far I have hit my Note 8 over 600+ times with a hammer and it has not cracked yet.

    Tony Diaz
    Perris, California
  • I’ve had ProtectionPro on my phone for several months without a scratch. I’ve dropped it and still no damage to the screen. What a great product!

    Jamie Munchin
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with this product.

    Alex Ehrot
    Atoka, Tennessee

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