The road can be a hazardous place, especially for your prized vehicle. Vehicles encounter a lot on the road including bugs, bird droppings, gravel, sand and salt, all at high speeds!

We all know the feeling of coming home after a long road trip with a vehicle desperately in need of a wash. But did you know that substances as innocent as dead bugs can eat away at paint and finishes? We often do not have time to thoroughly clean the outside of our car as regularly as we would like which contributes to long-term damage to the finish. In addition to threats to the finish, gravel and sand that is kicked up while driving often cause rock chips in the paint on the front end of the vehicle. Salted roads in the wintertime can cause similar damage.

Benefits of PPF® Protection

Paint protection film, such as Protekt® PPF, is a good option for protecting vehicles from road hazards. Not only does it offer protection from debris, it also guards against scratches in commonly damaged areas such as bumpers, door handle wells and edges.

Protekt PPF is optically clear and won’t discolor over time. It is also self-healing, which means minor scratches will resolve themselves. PPF is installed by professional dealers who understand the best way to utilize the product to achieve the desired protection level. In the end, drivers save time and money on costly repainting and repairs.

Types of Paint Protection

Protekt has paint protection coats for every spot of your car. Explore the different options below!

Full-Body Wrap

The best way to preserve your new car look is with a full-body automotive paint protection wrap. Gravel, salt and bugs don’t discriminate, and they can damage your car’s paint job in any area. With a full-body clear bra car protection from Protekt, you can confidently navigate any terrain or weather without worrying about damage to the paint job. 


The hood of a car bears the brunt of weather and terrain while showing most of the damage. Even worse, hoods are susceptible to damage from materials and debris that fall from cars and trucks in front of you. Protect the most vulnerable — and most noticeable — part of your vehicle with a hood clear paint protector.

Front Bumper

In harsh winter weather, salt, ice and snow can destroy your front bumper and leave its coat with irreversible damage. As the weather warms up, unsightly bugs start to get stuck to the bumper and eat away at the finish. Save your bumper with a protective paint finish. 

Wheel Wells

Stones are a common threat to your wheel wells that can leave your tires looking much older than they are. Stop roadside debris from eating away at your wheel wells and preserve their shine with paint protection.

Door Edges and Handles

Over the years, door edges and handles can take a lot of damage — especially if you have children who are constantly slamming the doors. Between keys scratching door handles and objects getting stuck in your door, there’s a lot your doors need protection from.

Quarter Panels

Your car’s quarter panels are vulnerable when navigating rough terrain. Stray gravel, sand and mud can get caught in the back tires and spray up at the quarter panels at high speeds. Stop unsightly damage before it starts with a clear car paint protector for quarter panels.

Side Mirrors

Rock chips and gravel can shoot all the way up to your side mirrors when you’re traveling at high speeds. With the small surface area of side mirrors, the damage becomes noticeable and distracting right away. Prepare for high-speed travels with clear bra car protection.

Madico Benefits

Madico Protekt PPF is the industry’s leading chemical- and scratch-resistant topcoat. Our Protekt line of products works on multiple vehicle surfaces, including cars, trucks, RVs, boats and jet skis. Madico’s Protekt line gives your vehicle full protection from chips and scrapes. Plus, its clear coat will never discolor, leaving your car with a smooth, like-new surface for years to come. Our Protekt PPF even uniquely self-heals minor scratches and scrapes.

With a professionally installed Protekt PPF coat, your car’s paint job will continue to shine year-round. Every Madico product is installed by highly trained product experts who understand exactly what products work best for your car. Madico window tints and Protekt PPF both come with a North American warranty. Learn more about our full line of Protekt PPF products online.

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