The International Window Film Association (IWFA), a nonprofit trade association representing leading manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, is proud to support International UV Safety Month this July by providing education and awareness on the UV ray protection provided by professionally installed window film.

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Did you know that Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are not only harmful to the skin but can also damage your eyes and accelerate the aging process? According to research, deep-penetrating Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays from the sun pass through ordinary glass and account for 90 percent of the sun’s most damaging rays. These rays are not just an outdoor concern. They can penetrate windows at home, workplaces, and vehicles. It’s imperative to recognize the importance of protecting yourself from these harmful rays.

Darrell Smith, Executive Director of the IWFA, emphasizes, “Many people don’t think about the sun damage that can be coming through their windows when sitting by a window at home, at work, or while driving.” He adds, “Professionally installed window film offers a high-tech and cost-effective way to help protect both skin and eyes.”

The Benefits of UV Protection:

  1. Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer: While the original article mentioned that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime, it’s important to highlight that limiting sun exposure by blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays can drastically reduce this risk.
  2. Protects Eyes: UV rays can lead to cataracts and other eye conditions. Professionally installed window film can help keep your eyes healthier by protecting them from harmful UV rays.
  3. Preserves Skin Youthfulness: Both direct and indirect UV rays damage the skin and can lead to signs of aging. Window film provides protection by limiting harmful UV rays.
  4. Prevents Interior Fading: UV rays can cause furniture, flooring, and window treatments to fade. Window film protects the interiors of your home, office, or car by blocking UV rays.

To learn more about how to better protect yourself from the sun in your home, at work, or while driving, be sure to read the IWFA’s ‘Show Love for your Home‘ and ‘The Many Benefits of Window Film‘. To find professionally accredited window film installers near you, check out Madico’s Dealer Locator.