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Madico Architectural Film Recommended as an Effective UV Protectant

Madico window films block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that can increase your risk of skin cancer.

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Architectural Window Film for Commercial Buildings

Madico architectural window films are trusted by commercial window film dealers everywhere. Whether it’s controlling harsh sunlight, providing a safe space for a commercial building’s property and occupants, or lowering heating and cooling costs and reducing environmental impact, Madico manufactures a window film that will meet your needs.

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Solar Control

Looking for comfort? Energy savings? Healthy features? Commercial window film reflects and absorbs the sun’s UV rays; protecting guests and employees from harmful light, while reducing heat gain in the building.

Building Safety & Security

Madico safety & security films are designed to protect window and storefront glass to reduce the risk of injury, facility damage, or loss of assets due to natural disasters, graffiti, criminal activity, and explosions.

Decorative Film

Our films feature an array of classic patterns and textured surfaces to create interior glass surfaces of unique sophistication. Install privacy film on conference room glass to create unique meeting environments in the office.

Architects, Engineers and Specifiers

Download CSI 3-Part Specifications for all Madico window film products on the ARCAT website. These specs can be easily customized for your project and included in your master spec for future use.

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Want to learn how window film benefits architects, building owners, and contractors? Here’s interesting information to help you delve deeper into how window films from Madico better people's lives.

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