We all know that hybrid and electric cars are a great way to conserve energy, but what if you’re not in the market for a new car? What if these cars are beyond your price range? You can still help to conserve energy while driving by adding window film to your car.



A Driving Ambition to Reduce CO2


A Driving Ambition to Reduce CO2Because window film blocks solar energy, it makes your car cooler. This means you’ll use less air-conditioning and fuel and produce less carbon emissions. It may seem like a tiny drop in the energy-efficiency bucket, but when you think about how much you drive and run the air-conditioner, day in, day out – especially in the summer months or if you live in a year-round warm climate – it adds up to another way you can conserve energy and help to protect our planet for future generations. After all, transportation is the second largest source of CO2 emissions according to studies from the Environmental Protection Agency.



The Ultimate Protector


The Ultimate ProtectorIn addition to lowering your carbon footprint, you’ll also enjoy all of the other benefits of car window film. It protects you from the sun’s rays, which not only cause skin cancer but also produce glare that can impede your vision while driving. Window film also protects the interior of your car from fading and cracking. In the event of an accident, window film keeps glass from shattering and reduces injuries. This also deters crime because thieves can no longer shatter a window in seconds and quickly grab what they want to steal – getting through the window film takes longer. A darker shade of window film will also hide any valuables from view.



Find Your Shade of Cool


Find Your Shade of CoolIf the thought of a darker shade of window film turns you off, rest assured there is a complete spectrum of shades that will help keep your car cooler and conserve energy. To see which one is right for you, try out this tint simulator. It lets you see how different shades of window film will look on a car.