Taking steps to save energy can be as simple as pulling out your smartphone. Download these apps to help make you smarter about energy efficiency. Best of all, they are free!


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Energy Cost Calculator


Energy CostThe Energy Cost Calculator assesses the operating cost and energy usage of electrical equipment. First, enter your consumption per hour, the number of hours used daily, and the cost per wattage. The app breaks down your cost and energy usage per day, week, month and year. Available on iTunes.





JouleBugJouleBug is a fun tool that teaches you how to create energy efficiency habits that save money. The app guides you to perform simple sustainability tasks, and you are awarded points based on the cost savings and impact to the environment. Along with information on local initiatives, you’ll get supplemental educational stats, videos, and links that educate you further on the tips. The app gives you the ability to share to Facebook or Twitter and allows you to connect to your utility account to track your home energy usage. Available on Google Play and iTunes.





WattBuddyFor data crunching junkies, Wattbuddy will measure your exact electricity usage all the way down to hourly intervals. Scan your analog electricity meter like a bar code or access your digital meter’s data and the app will also plot your historical usage to help you note patterns, fluctuations and inconsistencies. Depending on your location, the app can show you energy deals as well. Available on iTunes.





GasBuddyWhy not save money on your vehicle’s energy usage, too? The easy-to-use GasBuddy directs you to the cheapest gas prices based on your current location. The app’s information is generated through its community of users. For every gas location and price you report, you earn points towards prize giveaways, including the daily opportunity to win $100 worth of gas. Available on Google Play and iTunes.


These days, you can find a mobile app for every aspect of your life, including energy efficiency. Right at your fingertips, these tools can help you save energy and might even decrease your budget in the process.