There are endless ways you can be an advocate for energy conservation, from simple, energy-saving tasks that you can do every day to spreading the word to family and friends by, perhaps, sharing this blog. (Please do!) But there’s also a lot you can do at the government level and there’s an organization in Washington, D.C. called Alliance To Save Energy (ASE) that makes it easier than ever to get involved.


Explore ASE.orgLog onto, go to the Get Involved page, and click on the Take Action box. There you’ll find information on important initiatives that you can contact your government officials about, whether it’s your congressmen, governor or state representatives. Each initiative has a page with the pertinent information and statistics surrounding it, making it easy to understand. You’ll also find a “Legislator Lookup” box on the right side of the page that lists all of the legislators in your area and their contact information.

The ASE also provides several ways for you to stay informed. Alerts about the latest initiatives and how you can help can be emailed right to your inbox. You can also sign up to receive the latest news on issues that are important to you. Their News and Resources page gives you access to their newsroom, blog, energy conservation issues that are trending on social media, and much more.

Energy 2030

Energy 2030You can also learn more about their grassroots approach, Energy 2030. They’ll be visiting a total of 12 states throughout 2015/16 to drum up support for their energy policy recommendations. Energy 2030’s goal is to double energy production in the U.S. by 2030. Their mission also aims to lower energy costs, create jobs, lower imports, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

So check it out and up your game on energy conservation. ASE makes it easy to become a part of the movement. You may even be able to eventually call yourself a bona fide activist. Mother Nature thanks you in advance.