Choose the answers that best apply to you then check the key below to see what energy appliance you are.


A. I have a vivid imagination.
B. I live a rough-and-tumble kind of life.
C. I’m a clean freak.
D. I like to chill out.

A. I always look on the bright side.
B. I have a dry sense of humor.
C. My philosophy: easy does it!
D. I’m a total foodie.

A. I know how to light up a room.
B. I’m full of hot air.
C. I like things to be crystal clear.
D. I never lose my cool.

A. My mood changes with the flip of a switch.
B. I have a secret stash of single socks.
C. When it comes to chores, I’m loads of help.
D. I live my life behind closed doors.

Mostly A’s: Light
Mostly B’s: Dryer
Mostly C’s: Dishwasher
Mostly D’s: Refrigerator



Discover Your Inner Energy Star


Discover Your Inner Energy StarDid you know that you could save money on your energy bills and help protect the environment by using ENERGY STAR-certified appliances? Each product is independently certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality.


No matter which appliance you turned out to be, here are some links to learn more about the ENERGY STAR version of yourself.


Light Fixtures
Clothes Dryers