DP Tint and Detail located in Tustin, California was established in November 1979 by Ken Luna and specializes in automotive tint and detailing. Ken has been a loyal Madico customer for over 35 years and attributes his loyalty to the fact he hasn’t had a warranty claim since 1996! Ken focuses primarily on automotive installations and is a big fan of Madico’s Charcool and WINCOs.

Ken remembers the early years when he helped train installers with Madico films.  Ken has always been interested in innovative ways of simplifying the installation process while still upholding the highest standards of work. Over the years Ken has been on the forefront of installation technique. He started wet shrinking in 1986, then used baby powder, then dryer sheets, and now his very own product that he developed when one of his installers was struggling to shrink back windows.

Thank you to Ken Luna for your continued business and loyalty throughout the years! Madico is proud to have customers like you!