Have you heard about our new MACS – Madico Advanced Cutting System? It’s a comprehensive plotter and design program that can easily and efficiently cut any automotive window film and paint protection film for any style of vehicle.


“This advanced system helps installers save time and money, and can reduce their dependence on hiring more people as their business grows,” said Jeffrey R. Plummer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Madico.


MACS’ software technology is constantly being updated, setting it far apart from the competition,” Plummer said. “Loaded with powerful design features, MACS can be used with any type of automotive, architectural, or paint protection film. The software features thousands of vehicle patterns, with new ones constantly being added, ensuring you will always have the one you require.”


The MACS plotter produces crisp graphics and patterns with speed and precision, and can be used in automotive, paint protection, solar, safety, and decorative film applications. MACS can easily produce vehicle graphics, logos, signs, decals, stencils and pin striping. Developed specifically for Madico dealers, MACS includes a broad range of patterns and options to meet any need.


Don Thibodeaux, owner of Team QRT in Abbeville, La., has been a Madico customer for 20 years and says the MACS plotter was the best investment he’s made for his business.


“It pays for itself in one year hands down,” said Thibodeaux, who operates the tinting shop with his son. “It saves time, film and ultimately money. If we have six cars in the morning we can plot out all six, cut all the cars at once. That way we can do six cars before lunch, when before we did six in one day.”


At first Thibodeaux didn’t want the plotter because he thought “how could a machine do a better job at cutting than me?”


I was skeptical but now I couldn’t do without it,” he said. “They’re always making updates to the software and adding new cuts. There’s so many options. The cuts are clean and precise, and better yet you don’t have to fight with the film.”


MACS offers four plotter options ranging from 40 inches to 64 inches, along with attractive purchase and leasing options. Madico also carries a full line of accessories for all plotter needs and gives users unlimited access to vehicle patterns for the duration of the subscription. For more information click here or call your local service center at 888-887-2022.