Device Owners Can Choose Ultra2, Ultra Matte or Microbe-X Screen Protection

TAMPA BAY, Fla. – Oct. 15, 2020 – ProtectionPro® by Madico® announced today that its on-demand screen protection system will support all four of the newly released iPhone 12 models.

The release of the iPhone 12 had been delayed more than a month, and Apple recently unveiled its latest phone models at one of the most highly anticipated events of 2020. ProtectionPro will offer custom cut designs to fit all four iPhone models with a variety of screen sizes from 5.4” for the iPhone 12 mini, a 6.1” for the iPhone 12 all the way up to the largest 6.7” size for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.  

The newest iPhone model designs will be available to retailers in the ProtectionPro app which controls the on-demand cutting system and features more than 20,000 custom phone and device patterns in its cloud-based library. All ProtectionPro films including Ultra2, Ultra Matte and antimicrobial Microbe-X, can be custom cut to fit the new iPhone models, giving consumers a choice on the type of screen coverage for their devices. ProtectionPro screen protection film is optically clear, impact and scratch resistant with amazing self-healing properties that protect devices but is thin and flexible so it won’t interfere with the phones’ fingerprint sensors.  

And ProtectionPro’s Infinity film can be custom cut to perfectly fit the back of the newest iPhones allowing consumers to personalize their device while protecting it from scratches.

ProtectionPro capitalizes on the growing trend for consumers to protect their devices as well as personalize them. The ProtectionPro solution makes it easy to install and generate add-on sales for telecommunication retailers and repair stores without requiring them to carry a large inventory of products to fit each device. ProtectionPro films are cut on-demand and will fit thousands of mobile devices including the newest models as well as legacy phones, watches, tablets and laptops.

“Our cut-on-demand system allows ProtectionPro retailers to provide screen and body protection to their customers as soon as the newest devices are available,” said Madico General Manager John Storms. “We pride ourselves on our ability to fit any device from legacy to these latest models.”

The ProtectionPro solution is carried by thousands of big-box retail stores, telecommunication providers, repair shops, and electronics shops around the world. For more information, visit

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ProtectionPro is the world leader in on-demand device protection, including screen covers and the Infinity Series line of fashionable device armor, which allows consumers to protect their devices as well as express their personal style. ProtectionPro is sold in more than 146 countries worldwide with a mobile app in 22 languages. ProtectionPro screen protection was used by NASA in space. The ProtectionPro system is brought to you by Madico, a pioneer in cutting-edge film technology. An award-winning organization, our expertise is in the research, science, development, and manufacturing of high performance, complex, multilayer films engineered to exceed customer expectations.

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