Sunblockers, owned by the Audino family, introduced Madico Window Films to the Northern California market in 1980 and has been serving the Redding area with Madico products ever since. While their business has experienced many changes over the past 30 years, the one constant has been their loyalty to Madico films.


Taking an innovative approach, Sunblockers has carved out a niche in the market as the go to dealer for the city, county and even state’s window film needs. Recent projects include the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding’s Civic Auditorium, and the local Cascade Theater.


One of the factors that Sunblockers attributes to their success is the formal showroom they have created for customers. From the moment you step through their doors, it is obvious that you are dealing with a professional company that takes pride in what they do.“We have created a reputation for ourselves in Northern California,” said Jack Audino of Sunblockers.  “If you want the work done right, come to Sunblockers; we are a professional company that you can trust.”


A recent job is especially notable because Sunblockers was asked to do it twice!  A building dating back to 1907 was remodeled and had new leasing tenants move in. The tenant experienced unbearable heat, especially on the top floors of the building, and reached out to Sunblockers who installed SL 18 on the top windows and SL 28 on the bottom.  Everyone was very satisfied with the work and product. Years passed and the same customer called again inquiring about window film for the building.  It turns out that the building’s owner took advantage of a recent government rebate and had new Low E² windows installed on the building in an effort to save energy. However, the Low E² windows were not keeping out enough of the heat and the leasing tenant again requested the SL 18 and 28 films to be applied. A true testament to the heat blocking properties of Madico films!


Sunblockers is also known for their unique marketing efforts. Recently, they became involved with, a company that specializes in the printing and mailing of greeting cards. Utilizing SendOutCards’ web based card creation system, Sunblockers has been able to take a snapshot of a recently completed project and quickly upload it to the card making site. Within 24 hours the card has been printed and sent out along with a special message. The ease and speed with which these personalized mailings can be sent out has proved to be a valuable resource to Sunblockers. For more information on SendOutCards contact Tom Schmitt at (530)-244-2636.


Sunblockers takes pride in every installation and is pleased to have been able to offer Madico films for the past 30 years. To get in touch with Sunblockers call (530) 244-1995 or visit their website at