The European Window Film Association (EWFA) counts Madico Window Films as a proud member. In an issue of European Energy Innovation, an e-publication that “blends information from European institutions, national administrations and the energy industry to highlight the significant energy challenges facing Europe today and the innovative technologies being deployed to meet them,” EWFA positioned window film as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution when upgrades to the energy efficiencies of buildings are considered.


Policies established by the leadership of the European Union call for a decrease of 20% in primary energy consumption by their countries by 2020. Belgium-based EWFA talks in the European Energy Innovation article about what window film is, how it performs, and most important, the ways that film can reduce solar heat gain and, in turn, reduce energy consumption. Window film is “technically, economically, and functionally feasible” to provide these reductions in accordance with Article 7 of the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.


Energy efficiency, and the increasing perception that window film is a prime source of such efficiency, are ever-more pertinent topics of discussion not only in the U.S., but around the world. Madico Window Films commends and supports EWFA’s effort to publicize the role of window film in Europe’s energy conservation initiatives.