Popular Black Pearl automotive window film now available to dealers in a ceramic version

Madico®, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials-based solutions, today announced the latest addition to its successful line of automotive films, Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic. The new film uses advanced nano-ceramic technology to provide up to 87% infrared heat rejection, increasing comfort, reducing glare, and keeping vehicle interiors cooler.


Black Pearl NC has excellent conformability for easy installation, making the latest from Madico the perfect product for film installers to expand their business and meet consumer demand for ceramic films.


“We absolutely love the Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic film. Our technicians love to install it and our customers are always pleased with the result,” said Leslie Ewing of Made in the Shade in Mesa, Ariz., who was one of Madico’s first dealers to begin using the new ceramic film. “Many of our employees have Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic on their own vehicles so our customers can take a look at it installed before they purchase. People are always happy with what they see and even how they feel when they sit inside the car.”


Available in a wide range of different visible light transmissions or shades to accommodate any driver’s preference, Black Pearl NC also features a rich, black color popular with consumers.


“Adding the Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic to Madico’s trusted line of high performance automotive films provides dealers with a range of options to meet the needs of their customers,” said Jeffrey Plummer, Madico’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “This product brings the best of window film technology into auto shops across the country.”


Like all Madico products, Black Pearl NC provides a level of safety should drivers be involved in an accident. The film holds together broken glass, lessening the chance of flying shards of glass harming a vehicle’s occupants. The film also protects a car’s interior surfaces and upholstery from excessive UV exposure and the drying effects of the sun, adding to the longevity of the vehicle.


“I was very excited to offer Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic in my shop'” said David Lopez of Dwight’s Auto Glass & Tint in Tucson, Ariz., who was another one of Madico’s first dealers to try out Black Pearl NC. “I have found that more and more customers were coming in and asking for ceramic films. Now I’m happy to be able to provide my customers with a quality product that is easy to install and shrinks easily. The film also has a really nice color to it and good range of VLT’s.”


Black Pearl NC is a 1.5 mil premium grade film product and comes with a lifetime warranty that is now available from participating Madico dealers.