There is no place like the beach. From the bright sunshine, warm sand and cool water, the beach provides fun and relaxation. When you have a beach house, you can extend the beach’s warm, summery feeling into your home with the right decor. From choosing a suitable theme and selecting the right color palette to incorporating the perfect accents and accessories, these beach house decor ideas will make your home feel like it’s fit for the seashore. Refer to this guide for beach house decor tips to turn your home into a breezy, beachy oasis that is sure to delight. 

Planning the Theme 

Beach theme decorating is a fantastic way to bring all of the energy of the beach into your home. One of the most extraordinary things about beach decor is that it’s highly versatile and easy to achieve. There are many ways to achieve a gorgeous beach home. With so many decorating styles fit for a beachfront property, you can effortlessly modify the decor to suit your style preferences while creating the perfect ambiance.

Explore just some of the many beach house decor tips for inspiration to create your dream beach house. 

1. Open and Airy

An open floor plan is ideal for many beach houses because the open and airy feel is reminiscent of the warm beach breezes. Try your best to limit furniture and accessories and stick with the basics. A color palette made of sandy beiges and accents of blue will help emulate the natural, airy beauty of the beach.

2. Glamorous

Just because a home is beach-themed doesn’t mean it can’t have glamor! You can maintain neutral beach colors while adding luxe furniture such as a mirrored coffee table. Add in accessories that scream ‘glamor,’ such as golden metallic vases, and you will have a beach home that is both glitzy and chic. 

3. Minimalistic  

Many people favor minimalistic design and decor, and that’s a great fit for a beach house. For a simplistic look, try a color scheme made chiefly of shades of white. Add sleek, unadorned furniture with pops of colorful sea blues throughout the space to break up all white. You will have a beautiful, beachy space in no time. 

4. Casually Coastal

While many people believe that a beach-themed home must have blue accents, this is not true. For a home that radiates the feelings of casual coastal relaxation, neutral colors are key. Incorporate shades of brown and beige to evoke sand and grays and whites to reflect stone for a natural atmosphere. Integrate furniture and accessories made of materials that reflect that natural beauty of driftwood, stone or sea glass washed ashore. 

5. Nautical

Setting sail on the open ocean is one of many people’s favorite beach activity. Why not make that the inspiration for a nautical-themed beach house? Select a light and neutral color palette and pair it with comfortable furniture and ocean-related accessories. Paintings of seascapes, models of sailboats, rustic wood panels and pieces of driftwood will pay homage to the sea. You might even incorporate elements like ship wheels, fishing nets, anchors, oars, compasses and nautical maps to complete the theme.

6. Beach Cottage

Small spaces in a home make the perfect canvas for beach cottage style. Because beach cottages are typically small, it takes creativity for storage. Accessorizing is a fun and practical way to achieve the cottage aesthetic. For example, you might hang your surfboard above the doorway for storage and visual appeal. Select pieces of furniture that double as seating and as a place to sleep for guests. 

Pick a Color Palette

When creating the perfect beach home, the color palette plays a big part in the final result. Although many designs involve neutrals and blues, there are other color palettes that you can explore to find something that perfectly suits your style and personality. Take a look at these beach house decorating ideas for the perfect color schemes for a beach home. 

1. All-White

A monochromatic room with white walls and white furniture can bring about a feeling of light and breezy elegance. Some people like to add in some pops of bright and happy colors such as yellow or sea green throughout the space to liven it up and give it a cheery and creative atmosphere. 

2. Beautiful Blues

If you love the blues you see when the sky meets the ocean, blue shades could be an ideal choice for your beach home. With countless shades of blue to choose from, the possibilities are endless for bringing the visual appeal of the ocean to your decor. Colors of blue ranging from dark navy to aquamarine can help create a tranquil and charming space. 

3. Sand and Sun

Why not consider beach-style decor inspired by an orange sunset on the beach? Sandy colors such as cream, beige and soft pink make a gorgeous backdrop when paired with splashes of coral furniture and accessories. Add some off-white to brighten up the space and you will have a home that looks like a beautifully painted sunset. 

4. Modernly Crisp

For a contemporary and relaxed beach vibe, steer clear of warm tones. Implement a white backdrop and sleek white furniture. Take advantage of throw pillows in bold blues such as royal blue or navy for a colorful and crisp color palette that beats the heat. 

5. Balanced Grays

Typically found in Northeastern beach styles, grays make an excellent color choice for bringing balance to beach-themed decor. Cool grays look elegant and sophisticated when matched with off-whites and sprinkles of aqua. 

6. Cheerful Color

Make your beach decor bold and bright with a colorful palette. Not all beach homes have to stick with neutral colors. There are many other colors to choose from naturally provided on the beach once you look past the surface. Combine shades of green inspired by seaweed with bold and bright shades of orange inspired by coral reefs for a gorgeous statement. 

Adding Accents

Once you have the foundation of your beach decor ideas figured out, it’s time to add even more personality and style with accents. Whether you go for patterned wallpaper or two-toned walls or you prefer wicker furniture, there are so many different ways to enhance your beach-themed home. Discover just some of many beach-style decorating tips to create a stunning and elevated beach environment. 

1. Stripes

Horizontal stripes in colors of blue and beige can bring the nautical feel into your home. Reminiscent of the sand and surf, striped walls with this color palette can add a lot of extra color or patterns to your beachy home without being overwhelming. 

2. Shiplap

A type of wooden board, shiplap is one of the best materials to create a beachy, coastal look. Generally found in ‘cape cod’ style homes, the long wooden planks add character. If you find beauty in simplicity, wide shiplap boards are an excellent option for accentuating your beach theme.

3. Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Perhaps one of the most excellent materials for designing a beach house, furniture made of wicker and rattan provides a truly natural look. A beach home works exceptionally well with these raw materials because they add depth and texture to any space while emphasizing the coastal vibe. 

4. Unique and Chic Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be found in hundreds of colors and patterns, making them the perfect way to accent any beachy room. From elegant and relaxed to quirky and fun, wallpaper makes it easy to add personal touches to any beach-style decor. Try a pineapple pattern for an extra dose of tropical fun. 

5. Two-Tone Walls

Sometimes a single wall painted with a different color than the rest is all a room needs to make a statement. Consider painting the walls of your beachy home with two contrasting colors. A lovely, neutral shade such as a creamy white or a beige will pair nicely with a shade of blue, green or orange, depending on how bold you want to go. 

6. Wood Beams

Don’t forget about your ceilings. They can be an excellent canvas for elevating a beach house. Invite nature into your home while adding accents to the top with beautiful wood beams. Coming in a variety of colors and finishes, you can go with a darker wood to contrast light colors or choose unfinished wood with ashy tones to mimic the appearance of driftwood. Whitewashed beams will offer added texture while delivering beach cottage appeal. 

7. Decorative Window Film

When it comes to windows, there are plenty of options for coverings. Decorative window films provide an excellent accent for any window in your home, be it one that separates two indoor spaces or the ones that offer outdoor views. With various colors and styles to choose from, decorative film for your windows can give an extra boost of personalization. Frosted films in different shades can give off the feeling of sea glass or beach fog, while brightly colored nautical or wave patterns can add a pop of color. 

8. Solar Window Film

When you have a house close to the beach, you might get lots of sun and a yard that provides limited shade. And if you have a gorgeous view of the coastline, you probably don’t want to cover it up with shades or curtains. Residential window film offers a solution to tint your windows without covering your beautiful beach views. Choose from gray, silver or bronze tints or even find an optically clear window treatment that reduces glare and blocks UV radiation and excess heat.

Window films are great for summer home decorating because you can save on air conditioning costs by keeping out the hot sun while still enjoying your outdoor views. Solar control window treatments can also slow fading for all the beautiful furniture you’ve selected for your beach house.

Incorporate Accessories

Many accessories can add the final touches to any beach-style decor. From modern to natural and everything in between, accessorizing your home will help to make it your dream beach environment. Wall art, seashells, driftwood and many more details will elevate your decor from flat to fabulous. Check out these beach-style decorating ideas to accentuate the furniture and colors you’ve already incorporated.

1. Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to incorporate texture and pattern into any space. Go with geometric rugs to add a touch of modern style to your beach theme. Select a shag carpet of multiple bright colors for inspiration from the beaches of Morroco. Offered in various colors, materials and designs, area rugs are a simple way to complete a room. 

2. Sand and Surf-Inspired Lighting

When choosing your lighting fixtures, keep the beach in mind. Consider finding a fancy chandelier made of oyster shells or a table lamp with a base reminiscent of a coral reef. Find wooden lamps that give the feeling of rough driftwood for an organic and coastal feel. 

3. Wall Art

There is perhaps no easier way to bring the beach into your home than through wall art. Select pieces that reflect the things you love most about the beach, be it sunsets, the ocean, sea life or sailboats. Maritime maps are also an exciting and visually appealing way to add art to your home. Wall art allows you to create a focal point in your space and enhance the beach style. 

4. Driftwood

Driftwood is a gorgeous, natural material you can use as the perfect accessory for beach home decor. Whether you find pieces on the beach during one of your walks or you purchase sculptures made with driftwood, its raw state reflects the beach with the most organic vibe. 

5. Seashells

You can incorporate seashells in many ways to bring the beach into your seaside home. An oversized shell can be the perfect centerpiece to hold more miniature seashells or even pieces of sea glass. Shells can also be strung together to make beautiful accessories such as wind chimes. If you want to bring the essence of the beach into your home, seashells are the way to go. 

6. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are perfect for adding texture, color and depth. Mix and match colors and patterns that complement your color palette and theme for a comfortable, layered look. Use medium to large pillows that take up space without the need for an excessive amount. Too many throw pillows can look crowded and unrelaxed. 

7. Beach-Style Dining

Don’t forget about the dining accessories! Choose striped linen napkins for a nautical look and add a table runner in your favorite beach color. Add coastal-inspired details such as starfish napkin rings and marine life charger plates. For a finishing touch, use hurricane candle holders and hand-blown glass. 

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