One of the primary benefits of a window film installation for the home or office building is the energy saved through reduced cooling costs. More consumers every day are catching on to the way film can save close to 40% of a cooling bill.


Consumers aren’t the only ones paying attention to this energy-saving measure, though. Electric utility companies across the U.S. have offered or are currently offering incentives for their customers to install window film. These incentives most commonly come in the form of rebate dollars from the utility, either as an account credit or a check.


Want to know what rebates or incentives you can get? Check out this website where you can select your location to see what rebates or incentives are available in your area.



A few points to remember while you research the availability of utility company rebates for your window film project.


First, utilities and their rebates vary, from state to state and even within larger states, where there is more than one utility company.

Second, most if not all rebate programs are for pre-approved window films, professionally installed and with a warranty.

Third, the incentives are calculated most often as a function of dollars per square foot of window film installed. The per-square-foot rebates range from $.50 to $2.00.

And fourth, many window film rebates are often limited or “capped”, no matter how much film is installed.


If you’re considering a window film project for your home or business, it can pay to do a little homework and learn whether your local utility company offers rebates. Depending on the size of the installation, the rebate can become a significant subsidy to the cost of saving energy in the long run.