Sunrooms are the perfect place to rest, relax, and have fun. They provide natural lighting and gorgeous views, allowing you to enjoy outdoor benefits without leaving your home. You may wish to use it as a quiet sanctuary or make it a fun place for gatherings with family and friends. There are many ways to decorate a sunroom to make it the ideal space for whatever you need. If you are ready to transform your space but are unsure of where to start, this guide can give you inspiration. From bright and bold to calm and tranquil, find out how you can perfect your sunroom with these sunroom decorating ideas. 

Selecting a Style/Theme

The best place to begin with sunroom decorating is by choosing a style or theme that speaks to you. Think about the purpose of your space and how you would like it to feel when you are in it. Do you want a sunroom that is simplistic or would you like it to be full of colors and patterns? Would you like the room to have an immediately recognizable theme or a just general style? While there are many different routes you can take, remember, your sunroom is an extension of your home and should reflect you and your personality. Check out some of these various styles and themes to help you decide how you would like your dream sunroom to look. 


If you love the idea of bringing nature indoors, this could be one of the best sunroom decorating tips for you. You can really take advantage of the natural light streaming through your windows which is ideal for plants. Turn your sunroom into a chic, jungle-inspired greenhouse that will surely make a statement. Luxe pieces of furniture combined with live, tropical plants will bring a whole new feel to your space. 


Your sunroom can take on an entirely different appearance with the use of white. For a sunroom that will glow with elegance and simplicity, all-white is the way to go. Introduce layers of texture and shapes to add character throughout your white space and your sunroom will be nothing short of a clean and exquisite domain.

Bistro Style

Do you love the ambiance of a bistro-style space? Turn your sunroom into a charming bistro fit for enjoying hours of coffee and conversation. Choose bistro-inspired furniture, wall accents, and more to give your sunroom the feeling of a warm, trendy, and inviting area. 


Sunny space with the right interior design can instantly transport you to a room in the tropics. Mix bright colors such as lime green and lavender in patterns across the space and add rattan accents to brighten the room. Consider adding colorful tropical artwork to the walls for an added boost. 


Gathering with friends and family is great. Having a cozy space to do it in makes it even better. Transform your sunroom into a comfortable seating area with ample plush seating and plenty of throw pillows. Add a coffee table and some end tables for a place to serve snacks and beverages and your sunroom will be ready to entertain. 


There is no rule in sunroom planning that says your sunroom has to serve only one purpose. Use it as an office and reading nook, or make it an extension of your home by turning it into an additional family room. The possibilities are endless when it comes to turning your sunroom into a space that is most functional for you. Zone out your sunroom for different areas to creat a multi-purpose room you may never wish to leave. 

Adding Unique Elements

After choosing your style or theme, it is time to think about adding elements to your sunroom to really add texture and design. Doing so can help elevate any sunroom design and make it unique. There are many ways to do this, such as adding details to the walls or windows to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn about some of the many ways you can introduce unique elements into your sunroom to help your dream space become a reality. 

Wood Wall

Adding wood to the walls of your sunroom can really help enhance the feeling you are trying to create. A wall that is made of wood logs can really amplify a dramatic and rustic look. Adding natural, blond shiplap can really help brighten a space and add to a tropical atmosphere. 


A great way to add texture and pattern to your sunroom is with lattice. Reminiscent of garden trellises, lattice added throughout the space can bring subtle hints of the outdoors inside while adding character. Lattice patterns can be added to walls, found woven into area rugs, worked into furniture design, and more. 

Slate and Shingles

Incorporating elements from the outside of your home can create an interesting and inviting sunroom. Slate floors with shingles on the walls can help tie together the inside and the outside. Use contrasting colors when decorating to help complete a lively and welcoming space. 


Adding a stone fireplace can really make a difference in your sunroom design. Whether you choose a light-colored stone to keep it light and airy or you choose a darker stone for a bit of drama, a fireplace can give a cozy feeling to the sunroom any time of the year. 

Window Displays

Sunrooms provide the perfect opportunity to create gorgeous window displays suited for your ideal space. A great sunroom decorating idea is to utilize the space around the windows as a way of showcasing a variety of things. Family photos, artwork, collector’s items, antiques, and more can all be displayed in a way that really makes a statement. 

Decorative Window Film

If you love the light in your sunroom but desire a bit more privacy, decorative window film is the perfect solution. Coming in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, window film will provide you with privacy in your sunroom without taking away the natural lighting you enjoy. It can also simply be added for pops of color and pattern throughout the space for layering and texture. 

Choosing Furniture

The kind of furniture you choose can really make an impact on the entire mood you wish to set for your sunroom. You will want to be sure that you choose the right pieces to suit the purpose of your space. Keep your style and theme in mind as well to maintain a cohesive idea for your sunroom. The furniture you choose should provide the perfect combination of style and functionality. Discover some of the ways you can incorporate furniture into your sunroom to best suit your wishes and needs.

Add a Breakfast Booth

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What better way to greet the day than to have breakfast in a beautiful, bright sunroom? Consider adding a breakfast booth situated in the corner. Built-in benches complete with a dining table and a few chairs will offer a place for cozie and casual breakfasts.

Drinks Station 

Elevate your sunroom with pieces that will provide convenience and charm, such as a drink cart. Have a drink station stocked and ready to go next to your seating area. A three-tiered cart will allow space for an ice bucket, drinking glasses, and beverages. It will be a thoughtful piece of furniture that will surely take your sunroom to the next level. 

Reading Nook

Imagine curling up with the perfect cup of tea and your favorite book. Turn your sunroom into the ultimate reading nook. Bring in some comfy seating complete with stylish throw pillows for cozy sitting. Be sure to add bookshelves to fill with all of your literary favorites and end tables for drinks. 


Take advantage of natural lighting to boost your productivity. Turn your sunroom into a home office. Choose pieces of furniture that suit your style but also provide office functionality. A fold-out desk would be perfect for working during the day and then closing it up to have company at night. Incorporate leather seating for upscaled appearance. 

Folding Stools

Folding stools are great for adding more seating to a sunroom that has limited space. You can use them as their intended purpose (to seat more guests) or as accent tables around the room. The beauty is that they can be easily moved around or folded up for storage when they are not being used. 


Keep in mind that the kind of materials you place in your sunroom is just as important as the style of the furniture you choose. Not all sunrooms are easily regulated throughout the seasons. This is even more so the case with sunrooms that do not have insulated windows. Consider choosing pieces that will stand up to moisture to ensure your space will remain beautiful and in perfect condition. 

Add Accents & Accessories

Accents and accessories will help complete your sunroom by adding character and intrigue. Throw rugs, plants, pop of color, patterns, and more are available for you to choose from. Create depth with drapes and throw pillows. Design a focal point with wall art. Create your dream sunroom with these sunroom decorating ideas. 

Striped Ceiling

Make your ceiling a part of the design, too! For a bold look, add stripes to the ceiling of your sunroom. This will look fantastic in a simple room with neutral colors. You could even make it subtle by using a light-colored stripe to a light-colored ceiling to add delicate layers of texture to the room.

Natural Materials

If you really love nature, bring it indoors. Incorporate accent pieces made with natural materials such as wicker or rattan. Not only can they help make your sunroom feel relaxed but they can also help maintain a natural, organic atmosphere in the space. 

Bright Pops of Color

Show of your colorful personality with cheerful accents. A neutral-toned sunroom with pops of color incorporated throughout the space can really make it feel fun and inviting. Incorporate brightly colored throw pillows, vases, pictures, and more. Set the room off by painting the trim around the windows with a color that will help tie the entire room together. 


Incorporating plants in your sunroom is a great way to bring nature indoors. Ferns, trees, and other plants can help make a space feel more enchanting. Consider having a potting area in your sunroom complete with small tables and potted plants to show them off. 

Seasonal Touches

One of the best things about having a sunroom is experiencing the changing of the seasons from inside your home. Change the accents of your sunroom to reflect seasonal changes. Fill a wrought-iron vase with dried branches and ferns in the cooler months. Replace it with brightly colored potted plants in the warmer months. 

Area Rugs

You can easily upgrade your sunroom with a perfectly designed area rug. Choose a high-pile carpet for ultimate luxury or choose a woven carpet for a more simplistic feel. Area rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors, making it easy to find a rug that will fit right in with your sunroom design ideas. 

Wall Art

Adding wall art provides something unique to any space, and sunrooms are no different. Take advantage of any wall space you have by filling it with wall art that matches your preferred style. If you have enough space, use wall art to help you create a focal point in your sunroom to really make a statement. 

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