Four Gadgets to Help You Save Money in 2017

There are some awesome energy-saving gadgets out there that could be great investments for 2017. The following devices are definitely worth some extra spending and can potentially save you some big bucks down the road. Which ones would be the best investments for your home and wallet?



Smart Thermostats


smart-thermostatsWhile these gadgets cost an average of about $250, they really are worth the investment. Smart thermostats learn about how and when your family uses the heat and air-conditioning in your home. They also adjust to outdoor temperatures. Say goodbye to leaving your home and worrying about what temperature your thermostat is on—it’ll regulate all on its own. According to Thermostat Guide, a smart thermostat can save you up to $145 per year.



Energy Management Systems


energy-management-systemsSmart homes are officially a “thing”. Energy management systems allow you to control the air, lights, and all things electric in your home remotely from your mobile device. Forget to turn off the coffee pot or the stove? Not to worry—you can turn it off wherever you are at the touch of a button. You’ll never rack up electric bills with these smart devices! On average, these systems cost between $1,200–$4,500. However, homes with these systems cost about 30 percent less to operate than conventional homes.



Smart Power Strips


smart-power-stripsThese are ideal for those with a lot of electronics. Smart power strips cut phantom power from your devices. Phantom power can cost you a lot of money in monthly electricity bills. However, smart power strips can help reduce the amount of phantom power being used in your home. They often cost around $30, but can save up to $5 on your bills.



Large Ceiling Fans


large-ceiling-fansThis is nothing new, or high tech. But ceiling fans often get overlooked as a source of energy savings. Large fans help to circulate air around a room, sometimes more efficiently than your central cooling system. Mind you, more times than not, these large ceiling fans cost more than your standard size fan. However, you’ll notice that you won’t have to push your central air system as hard as you would with a standard size ceiling fan.