SafetyShield® Premier
Partner Program

In today’s dangerous world, becoming a part of the SafetyShield® Premier Partner Program makes you more than a smart businessperson. It makes you a hero.

Making the world a safer place is the mission of our Madico® SafetyShield Premier Partner Program (MSPP)—an elite group of safety film professionals who sell and install our advanced SafetyShield film and attachment systems. Our Premier Partners have undergone extensive training through the SafetyShield program in order to ensure the proper implementation of these sophisticated systems.


When approved to enter the program, qualified dealers go through a three-day intensive course, which includes educational seminars on blast mitigation, project analysis, and bidding, as well as a full day of hands-on training with our film and attachment system installation. Trainings are held throughout the year.

What It Means to be a SafetyShield Premier Partner

Madico recognizes the critical role that safety and blast mitigation films play in the health and security of a building’s occupants, which is why we created the SafetyShield Premier Partner Program—to ensure that our products are utilized properly and installed correctly for maximum effectiveness.

Extensive Training

A dedicated technical, sales, and support staff ensure proper implementation of these sophisticated systems. In addition, our SafetyShield Premier Partner dealers receive marketing training to ensure they are selling the product effectively.

Access to Critical Information

This includes performance test reports, sales training, installation certifications, and warranty information.

World-Class Products

Three proprietary attachment systems exclusive to SafetyShield Premier Partner dealers.

A Credible Partner in Your Corner

Madico has earned certifications from Underwriters Laboratories and other reputable agencies.

Interested in our Madico SafetyShield Premier Partner Program?

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