IWFA’s Consumer Guide: “Beauty Inside & Out”

IWFA’s Consumer Guide: “Beauty Inside & Out”

IWFA’s Consumer Guide - Beauty Inside & Out - Featured Image


Conserving energy has become increasingly popular, not only because it helps consumers save money on their energy bills, but also because climate change has become an issue that everyone’s talking about – even by Leonardo DiCaprio in his recent Oscar acceptance speech no less!


Still, when it comes to window film, there are still a lot of consumers who don’t know what it is and how it not only conserves energy, but also protects from damaging UVA rays. Educating potential customers about window film is a vital part of growing your business. That’s why the International Window Film Association created this educational piece, “Beauty Inside & Out”.


This informative guide will instruct your prospects on everything they need to know about window film, from why indoor sunlight is a concern, to what the experts say about indoor sun exposure, to how window film can prevent UVA penetration.


Here is just one enlightening excerpt from the guide:

“Research in Clinical Interventions in Aging showed that people who had daily indoor sun exposure, such as a storekeeper and a teacher, had more wrinkles on their cheek, wrinkles under the eyes, deeper crow’s feet and more roughness on the window-exposed side of their face than on the non-window-exposed side. The areas of the subjects’ faces that were regularly closer to a window exhibited more signs of sun damage and UVA rays are the culprit.”

Download and share the guide with your potential customers.