What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology Makes Window Film Even More Effective

Nano-ceramic film took the window film industry by storm several years ago. Since then, Madico and its parent company LINTEC, have created two films that utilize this innovative technology: Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic and WINCOS.

From biotech to aerospace, the implementation of nanotechnology has exponentially advanced many industries – and window film is no exception. Learn what nanotechnology is, how it works, and the benefits of using Madico nano-ceramic window film products.

What Is Nanotechnology?

The terms “nanotechnology” and “nanoparticle” are used quite frequently in today’s discussions of advanced window film technology. Nanotechnology describes anything that is 100 nanometers or less in size. So, we’re talking microscopic stuff here – yet nanotechnology offers huge rewards.

Many different substances can be broken down into nano-sized particles, which are extraordinarily small at the infinitesimal level. For window film, Madico uses these particles as coatings to control solar energy.

Essentially, the tiny nanoparticles in the coatings manipulate the solar spectrum – which includes UV radiation, visible light, and infrared radiation – and block heat in one of the most effective ways possible. Who knew that something so small could have such a big impact?

How Does Nanotechnology Work?

Thanks to molecular science, scientists can engineer nanoparticles (which measure one-billionth – yes, billionth – of a meter) to identify and absorb vast amounts of infrared heat, practically all UV radiation, and varying degrees of visible light.

Nanotechnology window film embeds these nanoparticles into multiple layers of film, delivering a high-performance window tint that blocks harmful UV and infrared rays more effectively. This process is what allows Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic Film and WINCOS to achieve their ranking of “spectrally selective.”

Spectrally selective refers to the ability of the window film to select (or let in) desirable light, while blocking out undesirable heat. Spectrally selective window film offers the best ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection available today.

The Benefits of Nano-Ceramic Window Film

Nanotechnology offers some major benefits to the window film industry. For starters, nano-ceramic window tint products are metal-free, which means they are also non-conductive. They won’t interfere with AM or FM radios, GPS, satellite radios, or other vehicle security systems that need magnetic waves to function.

Nano-ceramic window film products also:

  • Reject heat without sacrificing visible light – One concern that many vehicle owners have is what the view will be like after they have their windows tinted. With nano-ceramic window tint films, the driver or passenger’s visible light view will not be obstructed by too much darkness, yet the tint still provides superior heat rejection.
  • Give vehicles a sleek, modern look – The subtle and appealing black design of nano-ceramic window tint film can enhance the overall look of any vehicle.
  • Help vehicles perform better – Because nanotechnology reduces infrared rays, vehicles perform more efficiently, saving on fuel and not placing additional burden on the engine.

Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic

Black Pearl ® Nano-Ceramic is an IR film that offers advanced heat rejection technology. With its rich, black color, Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic helps minimize glare while providing a level of privacy of your choosing.

Other benefits of Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic include:

  • Blocks up to 87% of infrared rays and 99% of UV rays to keep drivers and passengers cool and comfortable
  • Comes in a wide range of shades to match driver preference or factory tint


WINCOS, the premier nano-ceramic IR film offered by Madico, combines beauty with leading-edge technology for the ultimate in window film style and performance. WINCOS is ideal for customers who want high heat rejection without the look of dark, tinted windows.

Other benefits of WINCOS include:

  • Rejects up to 92% of infrared rays and 99% of UV rays for maximum protection
  • Reduces fading of seat covers, dashboards, and other interiors, even with lighter shades of WINCOS film

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